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The Texicans
An epic tale of Texas inspired by the author's own Texan roots, The Texicans is a saga of a frontier family's courage in the face of tumultous historical events. The Stockman family immigrate to Spanish Texas in 1806, only to find themselves inexorably drawn into the bitter conflict between Mexico and Spain. Joining forces with a dashing young Royalist deserter, Miguel Gonzales, they join in the battle to free Mexico and Texas from Spanish rule. Rewarded as heroes of Mexico these Texicans find themselves vilified by the hoards of North Americans pouring across Texas's unprotected border. These newcomers, calling themselves Texians, view Mexico, Mexicans, and Texicans as the enemy. Targets of prejudice, the Stockmans are themselves torn along cultural lines as their hero-turned-despot, President Santa Ana, propels them to a deadly showdown.