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The Thin Gray Line
Young Luke Pettigrew, a hero at the Battle of Shiloh, awakens in a bedroom of an unfamiliar farmhouse in 1863--with no immediate memory of what brought him there. The only thing he knows is that his life will never be the same. Through grit and determination, Luke returns to the war after making a prothesis for his amputated leg. He faces uncertainty and thrives while dealing with his father's prior rejection. He ultimately finds love and as the story draws to an end, so does Luke's lifetime of searching.
Angela Riotto, PhD Historian Army University Press

    Michael Kenneth Smith does it again. Author of Home Again and Scarred, Smith presents the third book in his American Civil War trilogy. Beginning with Home Again, the series follows the lives of Zach Harkin, a Union soldier and expert rifleman, and Luke Pettigrew, a Confederate soldier and now amputee. Scarred followed Zach through the rest of the war and now Undefeated turns our attention back to Luke. Again, Smith packs a ton of heart-pounding adventure, emotional twists and turns, and history into this page turner—bringing history to life on every page. This is one historical fiction that you do not want to pass up!


                        Angela M. Riotto, Ph.D., Historian of the American Civil War, Army University Press.

Michael Bernath, PHD, Director of Graduate Studies, Miami University

Michael Smith has done it again!  With remarkable attention to historical detail and a penchant for delving beneath the well-trod surface, Smith’s new novel tells a gripping and unexpected Civil War tale that will both educate and delight readers.


Michael T. Bernath

University of Miami