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Katie Mitsui
The Time Anomaly
Katie Mitsui, author
For all intents and purposes, mild-mannered introvert and engineer Johnathan Davidson of Toledo, Ohio may be one the most influential persons who ever lived. Mostly by accident and without leaving a clear indication of how on earth he accomplished it, Johnathan invented the only time machine that, thus far in the history of humanity, has been proven to actually work. When he made his fateful journey forward, he didn't go alone. Johnathan's machine somehow caused a snag or ripple in the fabric of time. This snag dragged every person in a 25-mile radius out of the present, sending them to reappear at seemingly random points in time between his own exit and reentry exactly 100 years later. In short, Johnathan unintentionally vanished the population of an entire mid-sized, American city and scattered its residents forward into a future without any of the connections that anchored them to their past or present lives. The social, economic, scientific, and psychological impacts of Johnathan's little experiment threw the entire world into disarray for the next 100 years and beyond. This is the story of what is now known as "The Time Anomaly."