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The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 4: Uncle Yuta has an Adventure
When your closest friend is the Dragon King, your niece, nephew and their friends are dual-natured and your country hurtles towards an uncertain future, your life is bound to be complicated. Azuki and Shota’s Uncle Yuta must keep his household safe and happy while they strive to adapt to the constant change that is Meiji-era Japan. Azuki’s new loom is already obsolete. Renko discovers new draconic abilities, stirring her parents into action as she finds her family expanding. Tsuruko’s husband can’t come to terms with her dual nature yet they will soon have a child – but will it be human, crane or both? Shota and the horses experiment with inter-species communication. There’s no end to Yuta’s challenges! Now, with a new Western suit and fashionable short hair, he’s off to Tokyo for a conference that will change education in Japan forever as he meets people who will change his future as they change their country. Can he successfully guide his family through the storm of change that surrounds them?