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The Traveler's Companion

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

After the death of his wife, Dr. Ryan Iverson turned love into a weapon. His creation, Angela, is an android that fools her targets into falling helplessly in love with her. As Deputy Director of Science and Technology at the CIA, his mission is to use Angela to seduce and destroy internationally wanted playboy and illicit travel book writer C.C. Go. His series of books,The Traveler's Companion, is an infamous guide for wealthy hedonists to indulge their every whim. The newest edition, however, only has one destination: the Zone, a place where mind creates matter, where the sick can be healed with a thought, and where a man's fantasies are made manifest. Dr. Iverson may be the only one who understands the potential dangers in a place C.C. Go calls the womb of creation: Reality doesn't stand a chance.
MBR: Bookwatch

The very fabric of reality may very well be in danger. “The Traveler’s Companion” is a science fiction thriller as CIA agent Ryan Iverson must use his android with the power of seduction to take down world renown criminal C.C. Go. But Go has a new toy on hand, the Zone, where the mind trumps all in its creation, a technology that threatens the nature of the universe. As reality is bending to Go's will, Iverson doesn't know how he will stand a chance. "The Traveler's Companion" is a riveting psychological thriller, recommended."


Helen Dumont