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The Treasure of the Pandavas
Cover Blurb: Diana Warwick had no idea that complying with her grandmother’s last wishes would land her in an international conspiracy to decapitate the world leadership. Her wish was to retrieve the ancient treasure of the Pandavas, which her great-grandfather Arthur once discovered. Closely chased by ‘Jawahar the Jackal’ of SEPS—a dangerous secret society established in India during the Colonial Period, which behaves as if it is the enemy of the world, pluralism and democracy itself—she is met with resistance—and even violence—every step of the way. It was believed the treasure was enormous, hidden somewhere in the high Mountains, and belonged to lost races, who were its secret guardians. Would the guardians stop anyone who tried to take the treasure? SEPS is determined to retrieve it so they can use it to create a New World order and destroy the present one. They will stop at nothing—including nuclear terrorism—to meet their goals. The direct clash between the forces for evil and the forces for good is of epic proportion. In the end, who will win?