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The Two-Horned King
S. Y. Medany, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The Clan of the Cave Bear meets X-Files with an historical twist in The Two-Horned King. According to an ancient prophecy, mentioned in all the Abrahamic religions, Gog and Magog are the legendary enemies who will one day invade the world and cause Armageddon. But what if Gog and Magog were not what everyone had thought or imagined? What if Gog and Magog were part of a hidden history involving Alexander the Great’s quest for immortality? When a team of archaeologists make a mysterious discovery in a long-forgotten cave in Tajikistan, the prophecy begins to unravel. There, they find the jawbone of a child, a massive burial pit filled with bones, and inscriptions on the walls of the cavern. Even more fascinating is that the location of the cavern is where legend states that Alexander the Great fought and drowned this ancient and mysterious tribe for no apparent reason. But when the team investigating the cave is killed in an “accident,” Dr. Sarah Adams, an expert in natural language processing, is recruited along with her fiancé Rashad by Sam Kidd, a philanthropist and CEO of a tech conglomerate, to figure out the connection between the cave’s text and an ancient corpse stumbled upon in the mountains of Iran. Jim McCoy, an anthropological geneticist, is also recruited. Together, they must use everything from quantum physics, ancient text decoding, and human evolution theories to uncover the mysteries behind the discoveries and a legendary icon. What Sarah, Rashad, Jim and the team discover is a shattering realization that will change the world’s understanding of archaic humans forever. If Armageddon doesn’t happen first.