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Edward Roy
The Ugly Secrets of Private Roy
Edward Roy, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

After much internal conflict and against the wishes of Malcolm X, Private Edward Roy (The Milkman), joined the Army and marched directly into the center of America’s most momentous events: The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X. Was there a connection between these killings and who was really responsible? The author argues, that the government is withholding information vital to answering this and other hotly debated Ugly Secrets; as he takes the reader on a vivid, compelling, and controversial journey stretching from America to Europe. Steeped in Black military history, this powerful and gripping tale balances the seriousness of war with humor and romance under intriguing chapter headings such as:

•         The Original Black Panthers

•         The Bitch of Buchenwald

•         Ozark Red Lipstick

•         Blood on the Riser

•         Cries of a Wounded Soul

•         The American Praetorian Guard

Based upon a true story, The Ugly Secrets of Private Roy is written in the memory of Sgt. Lonzo and the millions of American soldiers of African Slave Decent, whose unheralded sacrifices for America are buried on battlefields and in the cemeteries of every continent on the globe.