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The Unknown Element
vince milam, author
Three very different individuals. A dark force rising. The chase begins. A reserved small town sheriff in pursuit of justice. A beautiful and eccentric technology genius striving to understand. A bon vivant French priest committed to finding answers. A horrific event in a sleepy Gulf Coast town pulls them together and the trio find themselves on a quest for the truth about good and evil, travelling first to Wales and the scene of another shocking nightmare, then on to the killing fields of Syria where the stakes rise even higher. Can these three dissimilar people find answers without driving each other crazy? Can they survive while Middle East factional war rages around them? They need to, because the potential fate of millions hangs on it. “Superbly written, no drags, no slow starts, just hop on board and ride the express to the end.” "I loved this book! It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that hooked me on the first page and sustained my interest right to “The End”! I’m a visual person and this author was able to paint a picture with his words on every page. Awesome!" "The Unknown Element" grabbed me from the very first page. It’s one of those books that you don’t want to put down but you make yourself do it just because you hate to see it end." "This story is about good vs. evil which, in most circumstances, would not be considered humorous, but because this talented author has such a way with descriptions, I found myself laughing out loud! Often!" "The dynamics between our three main characters is also delightful. Milam gave each one their own distinct personality and I was delighted by the sparks and sparkle of their interaction. Lots of action. Hard to put down (it's 2am and I just finished for instance)." "These are three simple people who come to recognize the power of evil when they see it, find the faith to believe in a greater power, and act on it."

Wow -- what a reading experience for me! As many other reviewers have already stated it is hard to believe this a debut novel. The characters are so well developed and become very real, the plot advances from Texas to Wales to the Middle East.(Just as evil itself isn't limited to one geographical place.) The writing is well crafted. In addition to the supernatural mystery of the novel there is plenty of action and adventure, particularly when the chase heads to the Middle East. Actually setting part of the action in the Middle East gave me a better understanding of the various factions all fighting each other. The use of technology as one of the helpful tools worked in well while remaining the tool and not the focus.

Everything above would have made me give this a five star rating but the delicious part for me was the age-old battle of good vs. evil. This is not the kind of demon with whom Buffy the Vampire Slayer could fall in love. Each character brings a gift or talent to the table and the three function so well as a team, with a love and respect for each other that develops a bond I can see growing stronger in succeeding books in the series. Although there are spiritual aspects to this book, I would not call it "religious". These are three simple people who come to recognize the power of evil when they see it, find the faith to believe in a greater power, and act on it. This will be a great book for a reading group to pull apart, examining all of its many aspects and different levels of interpretation. BUT if all you want is an exciting good read, you won't miss with this one. If I could, I would give this a higher rating than five star. Kudos to Vince Milam for a book well written!


Evil Runs is great and a rare treat for me! I am rarely able to completely read a book. Boredom and failing interest usually set in due to poor writing or just a poorly spun tale. Evil Runs not only kept my attention but I actually accelerated to the end. Great story by Vince Milam--write another one!!


Idaho author Vince Milam retains as much mystery about this background as he imbues his supernatural mystery thrillers. From his resume, only the following offers a few facts: ` I live in the Intermountain West where soaring mountains and vast high deserts give a person plenty of room to think. I've lived and worked in over twenty-five countries around the globe, am a certified Wellness Coach, have a coterie of dear friends and family that provide succor and support, and have an old dog that is also a best buddy. I have an affinity for characters of all stripes, and strive to bring out the uniqueness of my literary protagonists.'

Vince states `All in all, life is a joy and I am so very lucky to be a part of this world we live in' and yet his debut novel appears to be the first in a series he titles Evil World Books! The question arises, `can a man so positive in this manner of approaching life grasp the darkness of evil?' The answer, fortunately for his readers, is an `absolutely Yes'.

Simply stated, Cole Garza, Nadine May, and Francois Domain tackle the realm of walking evil among us. Our setting is Rockport,Texas, and Cole Garza, still coping with the killing of his wife, is the sheriff about to encounter something strange. From the fine synopsis we can distill the events of the tale: `When the French priest Francois Domaine walks into his life claiming that a recent mass murder was the work of a dark force, Garza doesn't know what to think, let alone believe. He only knows that the mysterious stranger seen around town at the time of the slaughter bears an uncanny resemblance to the priest's claim that living evil moves in our midst. The two men form an uneasy alliance, both determined to find the murderer. Drawn into the web of mystery is Nadine May, an information genius under contract with Homeland Security and the CIA. Socially awkward but interested in a relationship with the sheriff and fascinated by the shadowy power behind the murders, she agrees to add her unique skills to the pursuit - despite her spiritual skepticism and complete lack of belief in the supernatural. The trio find themselves on a quest for the truth about good and evil, travelling first to Wales and the scene of another mass-murder, then on to the killing fields of Syria where the stakes rise even higher. Now it's not just innocents in danger; they're forced to fight for their own lives. What they always thought was true might not be. Cole and Nadine must decide whether Francois is right about the nature of the living horror they pursue. If he is, how do you battle this most evil of creatures? They need to find the right answers, because their own lives, and the potential fate of millions hangs on it.'

So moves the plot, but it is in the telling of this creepy tale that we find our superstitions and inner fears ignited. Vince writes incredibly well for a first novel, and while this reviewer is not usually drawn to the supernatural, this story is so well crafted that once begun it must be devoured as quickly as possible. Be aware there is a new thriller writer with a brisk imagination who is beginning to enter the terrain of exploring evil. Grady Harp, February 15


The characters are nicely developed and the plot grabs and keeps your interest from start to finish. The dialogue is realistic for the story line and easy to follow with lots of tension and edge of your seat suspense. Some touches of humor in an otherwise serious drama lighten things up a bit. I will definitely be following this author in the future. Recommend to late teen and above for a bit of violence. OUTSTANDING!


Great read. Vince Milam's characters are fresh, well drawn and perfectly matched to become a trio of warriors determined to hunt down and destroy the evil that walks among us. The plot is so timely and well thought out that I bought into the author's premise from page one and totally forgot this book is billed as a "supernatural thriller." I'll definitely be watching for Mr. Milam's next book.