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Greg Morse
Greg Morse, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Why would billionaire, South Florida Mob Boss, Antonio “Magic Man” Barrera hire Jason Noble, a no-name, untested criminal defense lawyer to represent him in his federal death penalty trial? Jason Noble knows he can become a great lawyer, even if the rest of the world does not. All he needs is that one big case the media goes crazy for, and he is on his way to fame and fortune. He thought he landed the chance of a lifetime when Peter Cohen called him to take over representing Antonio Barrera. But first, he has to find the federal courthouse. When Jason thinks about it now, working for the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office seemed like Disney World compared to his current client list of one. Jason soon finds himself fighting against the might of the entire federal government, orchestrating the attack is Trevor Wittingham, an overzealous Assistant United States Attorney who sees Antonio’s case as his ticket to removing the “assistant” from his title. Jason’s biggest challenge is fighting against his own client’s attempts to sabotage the case.