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  • 10/2020
  • 9781632214270 B08JG4DQ5M
  • 234 pages
  • $16.99
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  • 09/2020
  • 163221427X B08JG4DQ5M
  • 139 pages
  • $7.99
L.C. Tang
The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea
L.C. Tang, author

Adult; Entertainment (Music, Pop Culture, Sports, Travel); (Market)

A heart warming story about the adventures, romance and hidden truths of the cruise industry. This artist discovers how removing inhibitions and fear of the unknown can lead to a whole world of possibilities and adventures. Finding growth in unexpected social, emotional and spiritual avenues leads one to explore how it is possible to reach new horizons. 


April 2, 2021 Review from CANADA

An astounding memoir of a young woman's earliest days of becoming a cruise ship employee and maturing in her role. Until you've read this, you have can't imagine what females must go through in this grueling job. Tang's transparent portrayal is of herself as a naive and vulnerable girl who is taken advantage of by the sex starved male crew, but somehow pushes past the abuse to continue because of her love of the sea. She learns to become a shrewd and capable officer who is able to stand up for herself and other women and change the dynamics of her working environment. Although there is some Christian content here, her testimony is buried under the sexual content and black marketing trading. Despite this, an amazing read especially if you want to know what goes on in the belly of the cruise ships during the sailors non-working hours. I especially enjoyed the two disaster stories. I couldn't stop reading.

October 6, 2021 Review from CANADA

What a page turner! If you like adventures, travel and just a good heart warming story then this is a book for you. Author Lincee Tang shares intriguing insights into the cruise industry. This read will make you look at the journey of life and cruising from a whole different perspective. If you liked the movie Titanic and enjoyed the fictional love story in the movie, then you will definitely like this book.

June 22, 2021 Review from UK

Never judge a book by its cover or at least don’t prejudge.When I first heard of LC Tang’s book I did a little googling and thought that this book might not be my cup of tea. Most sea-going adventures are written by seadogs of a certain vintage like myself and have had a similar experience of life at sea.This book comes from a completely different viewpoint.My heart palpitates with excitement as my hand sweats with nervousness.I remember the feeling well as I climbed the gangplank 48 years ago. For Lincee almost fifty years later it is a whole new world that she is entering for the first time.Finding her cabin below the waterline she is shocked by the constant sound of the waves and the coolness of the cabin. Of course, as a mere member of the crew working in the entertainment department, she has to share this rather small and hard-to-find cabin with another female crew member.Her first days at sea on this mega liner and she is totally lost at times trying to navigate the1-95 (main working alleyway of the ship) and seeks the help of a Croatian deck officer to help her find her way. This sleaze bag pins her against the bulkhead and physically attacks her, ripping her uniform and abuses her. The ship newbie has heard tales of bodies disappearing over the side and keeps details of this attack to herself, not realising how behaviour like this should be reported. Male crew members greatly outnumber the females on board and little does she realise that from the moment she stepped on the gangway she was regarded as New Meat and would be a target each day for the sex-starved crew members.Back in the 1970 entertainment hostesses were given officer status but it appears that times have changed and Lincee is classed as “Staff Rank”, all new to me but equivalent to leading hands as l knew them with some passenger privileges. The food quality for crew food seems to have declined over the years and a trip ashore to McDonald’s is a treat to many crew members to escape the monotony of the crew mess.One thing that has not changed much is the high costs of phone calls from the ship. I only ever called home once a trip for very special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. Phone cards were available to Lincee to use once the ship is in dock but rather hefty at $10 for thirty minutes. Phone cards at sea were a black market currency and could often be earned by doing someone a favour, one way or the other, use your imagination.Lincee finds it hard to make new friends on the ship and finds solace in playing the piano in her spare time and by attending the Christian Bible study group and looks forward each week to the Sunday Christian fellowship meeting. It is not long before she is called upon to open the meeting with a prayer, which in turn leads to her holding the service and preaching the sermon.Doing the Dhobi is another task that proves difficult for female crew members onboard ship. With only four washers and dryers available for crew use, it is a marathon to get the dhobi done. First, you have to queue for a washer and then a dryer. If you disappear while waiting for the machine to finish and you are late in returning your laundry would be ceremoniously dumped from the machine awaiting your return. Much to Lincee’s distress, she returns to the laundry to discover that some of her underwear is missing and she is left with only one set of underwear to last until she arrives in Juneau for a trip to the local Walmart to replenish her missing garments.Acquiring bottled water could also be a challenge at sea. As it was only available at certain times. Personally, I have never been an advocate of bottled water and have always drunk water straight from the tap where safe to do so, this includes all the ships I have sailed on. I hope the modern ships now have bottle filling points around the ship to cut back on plastic waste.Lincee’s strong Christian faith help her through many difficult situations during her career at sea. Before her life, at sea, she was often called upon to fill in as emergency pianist in different denominational churches and as such enjoyed all the different styles of services and sermons of the various churches she visited. I particularly like her explanation for the different styles of holy communion. Lining up at the altar rail and taking the blood of Christ from the same chalice, she called this the drive-thru method. As a youth I served at holy communion in the C of E and now realise we used the drive-thru method with me following along in my red cassock with the tray of wafers. According to Lincee, some churches provide little cups filled with wine along with the wafer and all the congregation would partake at the same time - The take-out method.Before life at sea Lincee was a fitness instructor at a local gym, after every contract at sea she goes back to this life but soon realises that she cannot live the shoreside life and returns to the oceans for another contract. I believe she got a taste for junk food at sea which does not bear well for a fitness instructor.When I started to read “The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea”. I thought Lincee’s experience of her first trip would mean that she was a one-trip pony and this would be her first and last contract, but as I read on I realised that like the rest of us the sea had got into her bones. Even after a terrible experience in Venice where the ship is almost pulled over, holed fore and aft and almost taking to the lifeboats she is not put off and does many more contracts at sea.At this point in the book, I was beginning to think that some of her book was fiction as this stricken ship was back at sea the following day, it was then that I realised some of the tales were from different contracts and did not necessarily follow on from each other.Emergencies at sea are always a frightening experience and within this book, there are quite a few that are documented. There is a whole range of coded announcements that indicate to the crew what is happening and what action they should take, while the passengers are left unaware. Lincee tells of a poor sailor that loses an arm when he becomes trapped in a watertight door. Which brought back to me the horrors of a sailor on Pacific Princess when I was at sea that sadly lost his life in such an incident.On another occasion, Lincee is suspected of being a Drug Mule and has to go through the embarrassing ordeal of giving a pee sample to a customs officer while 200 crew members wait for the result. Have you ever tried peeing to order?Christmas at sea can be a very special occasion.A call to the Cruise Director's office just before Christmas and Lincee is asked to perform the interdenominational services on Christmas eve and Christmas day as head office has decided not to send a clergyman on the cruise to carry out the service. It does not take long for her to say yes to this request. Lincee turns to God for help and delivers the services to packed lounges of passengers and officersJust when you build up your impression of Lincee, she shocks you. On one occasion she is dealing contraband of passenger food for a milkshake (not allowed) or black market noodles for $2 delivered in a laundry or sick bag. Before you know it she is stealing all the free condoms from the medical centre to trade for phone cards and bottles of water and gains the title of Condom Dealer.Committed Christian she is – Ms. Goody Two Shoes she is not.

December 7, 2021 Review from USA

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 but rated up on here. I did like most of the book but there were some parts of it that I just did not. There were no trigger warnings before I got the book (it's nice to know that there are possible triggers ahead of time). The author shares some things that make me wonder about actually taking a the areas of the ship where there are no cameras and areas that people can get away with murder (literally). I liked how she went on a journey of self discovery and found out some of her gifts. There were other things in the book though that did not match up with Christian values like getting amourous with guys in her room, or recieving and enjoying contraband, and a few other things (though none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes). The writing was easy to follow making this a quick and easy read (it only took so long because I was only reading a chapter before bed at night). I am sure others would enjoy reading this book.

Book Commentary

June 17, 2022 Global Review from

Just as she was turning thirty, the author felt an exhilarating sense of freedom — student loans paid off and toxic relationships put behind her — but her mundane life didn't spell freedom. So she wanted to do something unique to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. It was then that she decided on an adventure that was to give her wonderful memories. In The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea, L. C. Tang documents the protagonist’s journeys at sea, spanning over a decade, first as a passenger on different cruise lines, then as a crew member. In this thrilling tale, the author takes readers on a rollicking ride to numerous ports and countries, exciting encounters with people from different backgrounds and walks of life, and the sheer delights of sea travels. Inspired by the author’s own travels and real-life experiences, this novel reads like the perfect blend of a travel memoir and thriller, with strong hints of romance. Readers encounter a fully drawn character who decides to do one thing to bring excitement to her life and is irrevocably pulled into sea travel. L.C. Tang lifts the veil to reveal what the sea crew experience —the challenges, the fulfilling moments of serving passengers, the adventures that include romance, and a lot more. The prose is gorgeous and the dialogues are well-crafted to reflect real-life situations. The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea is a novel for travel fans and a tale that will inspire readers to break away from the doldrums of daily life to do something different, unique, and adventurous. The author’s sense of setting is strong and she fills the writing with delectable sights, providing glimpses of different cultures while allowing the humanity of the characters to shine through the already dazzling writing. From the hypnotic first-person narrative voice that greets the readers from the opening page, readers find themselves in the deft hands of a narrator who knows how to sustain attention once it is grabbed.

August 27, 2022 Review from New York, USA


This is an eye opening read about the hidden secrets of the cruise industry. Tang is a storyteller of prodigious powers unveiling the fascinating mini stories of things that happen to crew members unbeknownst to the sailing passengers. An extraordinary populous and hilarious rollercoaster ride of emotional tales. Tang has the power description, and we succumb.

August 10, 2022 Review from Sydney, Australia

A PAGE TURNER! Fascinating insights into the cruise industry! It was a compelling read that moved me with compassion, empathy and understanding for the crew who work so hard to serve the passengers while trying to survive the hardships at sea.

September 4, 2022 Review from Canada

Extraordinarily heartfelt, compulsively enriching memoir of surviving and thriving!

A compelling and stirring memoir with turns that are comical, sad, and alarming. This book provides a harrowing look, through the prism of Ms.Tang’s journey as an entertainer and crewmember in the cruise industry. Tang proves to be a gifted storyteller, able to deftly lace her poignant tales with amusing irony as this publication is an engaging, fast-paced, and vivid read. Moreover, the book is essential reading not only because it is a personal story of survival, leavened with insight and wit, but because it does more to expose the underworking’s of the cruise industry. Overall, 12 chapters written as a substantial collection of staggering admissions that are incisive, quick-witted and intense. These revelations are anchored to her portrait of walking in faith, courage and conviction of the heart.

CORK Ireland

February 27, 2022 Review from IRELAND

"You sent a copy of your book to my daughter who works in the Titanic Experience in COBH Ireland the last port of call for the TITANIC, I myself am a ex Navy man with 32 years experience, I really enjoyed your book and finished it in 2 sittings such was the interest in your experiences, Life aboard the Liners is sooo different than on board a Navy ship. A VERY GOOD READ and WELL DONE TO YOU."

A complimentary press kit was sent to "Titanic Experience" museum in Ireland. Reviews are not solicited or expected with complimentary press kits. Thank you for your kind response and acknowledgement.

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Jan. 30, 2021 Review from INDIA

 "The Untold Tales Of A Sailor At Sea" A fabulous book written by beautiful @L.C.Tang. She herself is a sailor to the core. Enthusiastic and passionate work in the entertainment department in cruise ship. Book contains a lot and lot of experiences seafarers gets during voyage. Some are good, some are pleasant, some are funny, some are emotional, some are scary and some are sad. I bet every sailor will relate these incidents with him/her. I really enjoy reading this book. Greeting to the author... I think you should write more stuff like this....Recommended to read by every sailor....

August 10, 2022 Review from New Zealand

An amazing read! Anybody who has been on a cruise or likes the movie Titanic needs to read this book. I hope the author writes a sequel.

October 23, 2021 Review from Abuja, NIGERIA

This book is breathtaking and an eye-opener to life in the sea. I enjoyed reading every page of this book. The author has tactfully and interestingly weaved her experience in the sea in this well-crafted book. She unfolds her sad ordeals as well as some exciting moments as a crew member on the ship. She explained how she fell prey to a sex-starved Croatian Officer who abused her not once but twice. But the sad story had a U-turn when she met and fell in love with Amit--- security personnel. Her friendship with Amit made her bold and fearless. As a result, she was able to stand up for herself when yet another sex predator wanted to take advantage of her. The author also shares how she discovered her God-given ministry. What she had always wanted - To serve God, present itself, and she took it. Brother Matthew, from the Philippines, the fellowship coordinator, gave her the privilege to minister the word of God. That marks the beginning of ministry for her. She has details of her messages preached at sea in Appendix 1 and 2. I enjoyed every chapter of this book. I highly recommend this book; check out this fantastic story of a sailor at sea. You will enjoy it too.

April 6, 2021 Review from CANADA

I thoroughly enjoyed the candid and raw story telling of L.C. Tang’s journey through life onboard of a cruise ship. It was an easy read, that takes the reader through a series of tragic events that are revealed almost immediately. The gravity of the first chapter has the reader feeling empathetic towards the author and surprised to learn the inner workings and under reported happenings of life below deck. The selection of adventures that the author shares keeps the reader engaged and eager for more!  (Admin of FB page "The Crew Bar")

January 18, 2022  Review from USA

The book goes behind the scenes of the writer who decides to make a change in life after being on a cruise and choosing a career in the travel industry. The book shows what each crew employee's job is, to the layout of a the ships, to some of the drama that occurs on the trips. Also throughout the writer shows her faith by taking on the preaching and worship segments on the cruises, while trying to combat harassment and even an assault on the ships. This is not just for Christians,; there isn't a bunch of Bible talk in the book, but for anyone who wants to see the no-always-so glamorous life on a boat, along with some nice illustrations by Oscar David added on. For an in depth review, visit-

December 7, 2021 Review from CANADA

Very interesting and compelling novel. The first chapter intrigued me and got me interested in reading the rest of the novel so I purchased the ebook to finish reading it. I liked how the author was descriptive and great at story-telling. It’s a good read and compelling and holds your attention and you want to know what happens next. There is some humour in this book and some sad things and even anger emotions show up at times for what the author went through or describes what happens on the cruise ships as an employee. I was taken aback a bit at how the book ended as I wasn’t expecting it to end so abruptly since I was laughing at how the author described her last ordeal in her book. I still had more questions…lol. Overall a good and interesting read.

June 16, 2022 Review from Kampala, UGANDA

I have had the unspeakable joy of finishing to read author L.C. Tang's book, ''The UNTOLD TALES of a SAILOR at SEA''.  Author Lincee ably communicates her story's message with the reader in a very simplistic manner-her choice of words enables the reader to find acquaintance with her entire emotional, spiritual and emotional conflict. No wonder she possess the true character of a great writer; having the capacity to tell her story in away that is understood by her readers. Author Lincee Tang travels with us on a lovely journey of her life-her passions, dreams, struggles, setbacks, triumphs and victories. Throughout the tapestry of her story, Lincee as a character enshrined in the First Pronoun ''I'' point of view, demonstrates to us her an unwavering faith amidst the most challenging seasons of life on the waters. Thus, her trust in God for His will to be accomplished in her life is weaved from the beginning to the end. To all of us-her readers-who have only known a living on land and would wish to explore life and adventure on the sea, can therefore comprehend from Lincee's imaginary vision cast on paper, what it means to pursue a dream on the waters with relentless passion. We can all stand in awe, celebrating her life which is filled with supernatural surprises, miracles, signs and wonders. How she emotionally survives the terrifying deluges of a sinking ship and the elicit urge for sexuality by fellow crew members, is the most amazing testimony that should strengthen us on our journey of salvation. It is a must-read for all citizens of heaven presently dwelling in this fragile world-Earth.

December 22, 2021 Review from AUSTRALIA Shelves: non-fiction, adventure, true-story

The Untold Tales of a Sailor a Sea is about the story of a young woman who wanted an adventure on the high seas. Turning thirtieth Lincee Tang fell in love with working as part of a cruise ship Entertainment Department. At first, Lincee Tang found life on a cruise ship challenging. However, the longer Lincee continues with the onboard life more she enjoys the adventure. The readers of The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea will continue to follow Lincee advantages to learn about the life of a member of a sailing crew.The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea is the debut book by L. C. Tang. At first, I did not think I would enjoy reading this book. However, I was wrong, and I engaged with the story from the first page. I have read books about the life of a male sailor, and it was interesting to read about life from a female perspective. I like L. C. Tang writing style. The readers of The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea will learn about the life of a woman sailor. Also, the readers of The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea will learn about places Lincee visited during her travels. I recommend this book.

August 4, 2022 Review from UK

A must read!

This book is a must read for anyone who has hopes, dreams and a drive to live a life of adventure. The tales are broken down into 12 chapters which includes a myriad of thrills, laughter, adventures, drama, excitement, sorrow, pain and words of encouragement. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions from beginning to end cheering on the character Lincee who often meets with divine intervention through the heart and mind of conviction. This book is more than just a memoir or autobiography. It is a scintillating read for anyone who also has an interest in the travel and cruise industry. Two thumbs up! Well done Lincee.

August 28, 2022 Worldwide Review

Spellbounding!Fascinating! A must read for everyone who has hopes and dreams and curious to explore life on the other side of the fence. When you think the grass is greener elsewhere, then it's time to take courage and explore new avenues. Author Tang is spellbounding and takes the reader on such a journey. 

A Captivating Story of the Hidden Truths within the Cruise Industry


Artist, Author, Passenger and Crewmember unveils insights about the cruise industry and invites you behind the scenes. This surprising revelation of the cruise industry provides an eye-opening perspective into the daily lives of seafarers on passenger ships.This ultimate read is also an inspiration for every artist in the entertainment industry as it illustrates the tenacity of one who strives with resilience and endurance to overcome obstacles to reach and realize dreams. During one interview, Author L.C. Tang states “This book was written to satiate the appetite of travel enthusiasts, artists, cruise passengers, crewmembers, and those affiliated and interested in the maritime industry.” Follow along with this essential cruise companion as it tells of the hidden truths of the cruise industry while providing crewmembers a voice to be finally heard. If one enjoyed the movie The Titanic, then this thrilling book of adventure filled with a plethora of tales intertwined with suspense, drama, romance, and unsuspecting crime will surely put you on the edge of your seat.About L.C. TangMultifaceted artist and author Ms. L.C.Tang is making headway again as a trailblazer in her own right touching lives and leaving footprints in various avenues. Author L.C. Tang traverses through all avenues of the arts starting with Dance, then maturing into Music, Film, Theatre, and Visual Arts. The years of rigorous self-discipline and training as an artist afforded opportunities to further her career beyond the shores and into the cruise industry. For more information visit

An enthralling story of the hidden truths of the cruise industry


Without a doubt this latest and biggest revelation about the cruise industry is the ultimate read for anyone longing for the next vacation at sea. Author L.C.Tang stated in one interview, “This book was written to satiate the appetite of travel enthusiasts, artists, cruise passengers, crew members, and those affiliated and interested in the maritime industry. This story tells of the hidden truths of the cruise industry while providing the crew members a voice to be finally heard.” If one enjoyed the movie “The Titanic”, then this thrilling book of adventure filled with a plethora of tales intertwined with romance, crime, and thrills will surely intrigue every reader. This publication has been well received in every continent and every country where crewmembers are employed in the cruise industry. This heart-warming story will move you to empathize with compassion while coupled with a better understanding of the journey of one individual who survived hardships to fulfill her destiny. There is no medicine or pill to mend a broken spirit or heart and this personal story is an act of survival in the entertainment industry.

Hidden Truths of the Cruise Industry Unveiled


The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea is a surprising revelation of the cruise industry that provides an eye-opening perspective into the daily operations and lives of seafarers on passengers' ships. This ultimate read is also an inspiration for every artist in the entertainment industry as it illustrates the tenacity of one who strives with resilience and endurance to overcome obstacles to reach and realize dreams. Author L.C.Tang invites you behind the crew doors and spotlights scenes within the cruise industry. Follow along with this essential cruise companion as it tells of the hidden truths of the cruise industry while providing crewmembers a voice to be finally heard. If one enjoyed the movie "The Titanic", then this thrilling book of adventure filled with a plethora of tales intertwined with suspense, drama, romance, and unsuspecting crime will surely put you on the edge of your seat.During one interview, Author L.C. Tang states "This book was written to satiate the appetite of travel enthusiasts, artists, cruise passengers, crewmembers, and those affiliated and interested in the maritime industry."

Paperback Book Details
  • 10/2020
  • 9781632214270 B08JG4DQ5M
  • 234 pages
  • $16.99
Ebook Details
  • 09/2020
  • 163221427X B08JG4DQ5M
  • 139 pages
  • $7.99