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Minerva Spencer
The Valet
Stephen Chatham is everything Jo Leather ever wanted. Despite Stephen's tragic past, he's kind, brilliant, and the best employer Jo’s ever had. Falling for him was easy. Stopping him from discovering that Jo is actually Josephine—and keeping him from hating her when the truth inevitably comes out? That will be infinitely more difficult. Stephen doesn’t have much experience with love, but he’s known enough betrayal to last two lifetimes. Emotion doesn’t come easily to him. Neither does passion. But for reasons he can’t fathom, his valet—his very male valet—stirs both in him. Is he losing his mind—or is he falling in love with his servant? Caught between their desire and society’s expectations, can Jo and Stephen find their way to happily ever after? Or is the distance between their worlds—and hearts—simply too great to bridge? HIS VALET is an angsty, dark, standalone historical erotic romance novel featuring consensual BDSM and M/F, F/F, M/M/F, voyeurism, exhibitionism, explicit love scenes that will melt your kindle, and, YES, a happily ever after! This is EROTIC ROMANCE, not erotica. That means this book has a real story and lots of it.