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Jeff Somers
The Valley's Secret
JJ Somers, author
In the remote Australian High Country, a serial killer thought dormant for over thirty years is suddenly exposed when a freak biking accident reveals his dumping ground; a densely wooded valley holding a graveyard of bones. The injured cyclist fights for survival, using his wits and stamina to escape the valley's overgrown trails back to civilization. Little does he know his traumatic discovery will re-open decades-old murder cases that have long gone cold. In this gripping thriller, the killer's deep pathological need for validation and pleasure has driven him to strike again and again since 1982. But advancements in forensic science and his own carelessness will finally bring his buried secrets to light. As detectives race to stop another killing spree, they uncover the shocking truth about the sadistic murderer who has been hiding in plain sight.