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The Venusians Among Us

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Checking your DNA and ancestry is real popular these days and everyone is doing it. A group of co-workers who meet regularly for drinks decide to do it as a group and share their results. But what happens when one of them finds out he is not even from this planet? And he is not alone! Are they friendly or hostile to planet earth and it's people?

Now we have a science fantasy story set in Cleveland Ohio. Who knew we had such mysterious locations in town. Can these “venusions” continue to live with earthlings? What do they look like? What happens when their totally different DNA mix? More to be revealed soon.


Who are we, really? This latest story, while science fiction, has much deeper significance in our modern world. With so much interest in DNA, it is no wonder that the author uses this ever increasing self administered test to set his story. The main character, who works at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland,Ohio, goes out Friday nights with several coworkers all of whom have submitted samples for DNA testing. The problem arises when all but his come back and he is told there was a problem and he needs to resubmit a sample. When he returns to his apartment, a neighbor who he is aware of but never really became friends with, insists that he come into her apartment where she tells him that not only is he not from the planet Earth, but his life is in danger. How he got here (along with many others thousands of years ago) and how they plan to escape provide a neat story. Those living in Cleveland will enjoy references to a number of local places which are beautifully woven into the plot. While this is a work of science fiction, the fact that we live in a world where people are hated and discriminated against just because they are different is real! It is a recurring nightmare how pervasive the fear and hate is. As a result, this book can be read and appreciated from several different perspectives.

Literary Titan

The Venusians Among Us by Steve Zimcosky is a breezy, adventurous ride that is just under a hundred pages. This is a story about Ian, an employee at NASA, who has been left in the dark about his past on another planet. Through a series of strange and dangerous incidents, he discovers that his past was kept from him in order to protect him. He is also left in charge of a tremendous mission: to prevent the despicable Howard Gorse from taking over control of the universe. Alongside his friends and a council of advisers, an elaborate plan is made to defeat his nemesis and ensure the survival of his own race on the planet.

I went in expecting heavy doses of scientific and technological terms, considering that this is a science fiction thriller, with our protagonist being an employee at NASA. However, the plot is entirely approachable and engaging. All the vocabulary and plot points are explained in layman’s language, without losing any intrigue. Although I would have appreciated more fully developed characters, I couldn’t help but be sucked into the story. I enjoyed the story because it was easy to follow, but that didn’t stop me from biting my nails while reading. This is an excellent example of simple language setting up a thrilling story; much like Stephen King novels.

The storytelling was particularly refreshing because it was so matter-of-fact. It was quick-paced action, providing no space for sentimental, poetic pondering. The Venusians Among Us could be described as the perfect blend between Ben 10 and Interstellar.