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Tammy Andresen
The Viscount to Avoid
What if this princess didn’t wish to leave her tower? Fern liked being alone, tucked away from the rest of the world. People had a way of being so…disappointing. But when a viscount knocks at her door, he makes her an offer she can hardly refuse. Help him gain revenge on her evil stepsister, the very one who chased her into the tower, and he’d give her the means to pursue any future Fern wished. It was the perfect solution except for one detail. Leaving meant facing the demons of her past. And as attraction crackles between her and her new partner, the Viscount with a vendetta of his own, and a million reasons to double cross her, she has to decide, is the adventure worth the risk? And what if all her reasons for hiding away from the world turned out to be exactly right?