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All speech pathologist, Dr. Melissa Speyer hoped for, was to help her pediatric patient Jason overcome his speech and language difficulties. Instead, she finds herself on a journey where seeing into the future brings new meaning to having a vision. All while her partner, Professor William Clarkson finds himself caught between his love for her and his career ambitions. Enter a wealthy real estate mogul whose desire for fame creates a race to uncover the secrets of history’s greats at the expense of innocent people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can two savvy LA Homicide Detectives, with the help of an FBI Agent, uncover the apparent murders of a serial killer or are they distracted by the evidence at hand. The Vision Experiments has it all; murder, sex, violence, greed, love, betrayal, and mystery. All in a fast paced, page-turning tale taking place from coast to coast.
This inventive twist on the conspiracy thriller hinges on a provocative new way of looking at both the past and the present. When speech therapist Melissa Speyer uses eye drops to soothe her irritated eyes, she finds herself overwhelmed by sudden and shocking visions. Speyer’s love interest William Clarkson may know more about her visions than he lets on: he works for an organization dedicated to uncovering how important historical figures, such as Jonas Salk and Leif Erikson, may have experienced similar visions that guided the course of human history. Speyer’s new abilities have enormous potential, but their revelations, it turns out, also makes them dangerous.

This fast-paced blend of mystery, thriller, and detective story is brimming with curiosity and enthusiasm. Though the cast of characters is large, each is unique and well-crafted. Readers will find handsome and intelligent—if conflicted—Clarkson especially appealing and enjoy the subtle banter between the gritty, determined pair of gumshoes Stanley Young and Ed Dawson. Though the dialogue is occasionally weighed down by exposition, transitions between subplots and cities are easy to follow. It’s less clear exactly how Speyer’s visions work, but their ambiguity adds to the intrigue, and Cardone keeps readers guessing until the very last paragraphs of the book.

The mysteries of the present and those of the past are well-balanced throughout the story. A deep love for history and historical research lies at its heart, and Cardone invents detailed, interesting context for each of the proposed alternative histories. The wide range of historical figures who come up, from Madam C.J. Walker to Aristander of Telmessos, may offer new information, even to students of history. This well-paced page-turner offers an intriguing, imaginative take on the secret sources of human achievement, and adventurous, open-minded readers will enjoy Cardone’s entertaining ramble through the hypotheticals of history.

Takeaway: This bold conspiracy thriller finds a present-day heroine surveying history through (literal) fresh eyes.

Great for fans of: Matthew Reilly, Raymond Khoury.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A-
Editing: B
Marketing copy: A-