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The Voice in You & Me

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

Born and raised in Germany by a catholic mother and a protestant step-father, the author learned at a young age that her biological father had been a catholic priest. At age 23, alone in an apartment, she declared to God that she wanted to stop believing in Him, but had an unexpected response which changed her life. Following God’s Voice in her heart led her to listen to a revelation given to Rev Sun Myung Moon. However, her personal life is not the Leitmotif, but the importance of getting in touch with the inner Voice and developing a very personal and close relationship with our Creator beyond rituals. As human beings we seem to behave like autistic children who are unable to receive our parents' (Creator's) love. The same Voice asked her to write and pass on a message to the reader, even a ‘love letter’. The whole spectrum from ‘misery’ to ‘joy’ is enriched with poems like ‘A Sound’, ‘Spirit’, ‘My Dog Poem’, ‘A.F.R.I.C.A. – All Fighters Reconcile In CAnaan’, ‘AMERICA – BMERICA’. Acronyms like ‘LIFE’ – ‘Let Inner Forces Emerge’ and others try to make the reading an uplifting and stimulating adventure.