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The Way I See It: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions

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The Way I See It: A Head to Toe Guide to Understanding Common Orthopedic Conditions is a reference guide for non-medical individuals presenting over ninety common orthopedic diagnoses and seventy-five illustrations/diagrams in an easy to read and understand format. Medical terms and anatomy are phonetically spelled out and explained in an informal yet very instructive manner giving the reader a most unusual introduction to orthopedic surgery and its related diseases. What sets this book apart from any other guide is the way the author speaks to the reader as if he were their physician and how he presents his wealth of knowledge in a relaxed and easy to comprehend manner. Some of the diagnoses have been a part of the author's own medical history, allowing the reader to feel comfortable knowing that he has a personal grasp of some of the discomfort that they may be feeling. His use of individual stories of patients problems from his own practice punctuates the importance of some treatment issues. The first chapter explains the reason why Dr. Neviaser wrote this book and the second answers the age-old question, “Why do I have to wait so long in a doctor's office?” The rest of the guide is divided into body parts for the first nineteen chapters beginning at the head and ending with the toes. Major diseases include degenerative disc disease of the neck and low back, common shoulder problems, rotator cuff disease and dislocations, and other upper extremity conditions such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and multiple hand complaints. Included with the lower extremity chapters are hip arthritis, common knee conditions including meniscus and anterior cruciate tears, and ankle and foot diagnoses. The final chapters discuss osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, stress fractures, bone healing, what a patient can expect on the day of their surgery, and what tests orthopedic surgeons have available for diagnostic purposes. Finally, there is a glossary of medical terms and a bibliography.
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 Thomas J. Neviaser, MD has put together a powerful and deeply insightful book focused on orthopaedics. The Way I See It: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions is exactly what the title claims it to be....It’s a very detailed and handy guide to help readers understand the musculoskeletal system in their body.

5 Stars Awarded for The Way I See It: A Head -to-Toe Guide To Common Orthopaedic

5 Stars Awarded​ by Authors Talk About It