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The Way Into Darkness
BOOK THREE OF THE GREAT WAY: What was once the Peradaini Empire is now a wasted landscape of burned, empty cities and abandoned farmlands. The Blessing, now more numerous than ever, continues to spread across the continent, driving refugees to the dubious safety of the city walls. Unharvested crops mean that few strongholds have enough provisions to last the winter, although most know the grunts will take them before starvation will. But hope survives. A piece of stolen magic just might halt the spread of The Blessing if Tejohn and Cazia can find a scholar with the skill to recreate the spell. If such a person still lives. Unfortunately, they are nearly out of time. The few remaining human enclaves are isolated and under siege. Worse, The Blessing has spread to other sentient creatures. If Cazia and Tejohn are going to strike back at their monstrous enemy, they can not delay. And there’s another, deeper question left unaddressed: where did The Blessing come from, and why have they invaded Kal-Maddum? The Way Into Darkness is the final book in The Great Way, wrapping up the story begun in The Way Into Chaos and continued in The Way Into Magic. Author Harry Connolly's first book, CHILD OF FIRE, was listed to Publishers Weekly's Best 100 Books of 2009.
Connolly’s epic fantasy comes to a resounding resolution (after The Way into Magic) in this gory, action-packed third episode. The once vibrant Peradaini Empire has become a scattered collection of tyrannical holdings struggling to feed and house the refugees fleeing an invasion of monsters. Tejohn Treygar, once fiercely loyal to the king above all else, now realizes the very survival of the human race depends on him, transcending any of his political concerns. He reunites with the young magic-user Cazia to hunt down a scholar reputed to have a powerful fighting spell, but when they finally reach their goal, they discover the scholar gone mad and his research destroyed. Armed primarily with their wits, Tejohn and Cazia must innovate, rally the survivors, and lead from the front through surprising twists and turns. This violent, tense installment successfully wraps up the deeply complex story, though some readers will wish the protagonists learned more through deduction and less from blazing revelation. There’s so much going on that the immersive prose sometimes feels expository, but the sweeping storytelling propels the reader right to the satisfying finale. (BookLife)