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Sanaullah Momand
The Wealthiest Woman in Afghanistan

The Wealthiest Woman in Afghanistan tells the story of a poor young Afghan girl named Hawa who became the richest woman in the country. Hawa’s health is declining and she wants to share what she has learned with a younger generation. She meets with a young journalist and shares with him many things: small nuggets of wisdom, broad insights about human nature, and tips on practical subjects. All of these things, seemingly small details as well as widely applicable instincts and attitudes, have made her successful.

Afghanistan is a tough place for a rural woman from a poor family to make a living. It has a challenging economy and rapidly changing political situation. The idea behind this book is to assist those in Afghanistan—and those of us living in challenging situations the world over—in techniques and attitudes that will enable women and men to overcome obstacles, to find a way around the closed doors that they confront, and to create their own unique style of success. Some, are searching for a high income level and property. Others pay attention to the universal saying, You can’t take it with you. Like Hawa, they are reflecting that the most valuable things in their lives are the respect of their friends and family, the feeling that they have benefited others, and knowledge that they have created businesses that will continue to benefit customers and business partners—and the pure knowledge that they have played the game of life and have succeeded.

This book deals with financial advice given in Afghanistan, and discusses the mentality of Afghans striving to achieve more. Its lessons can be useful to anybody, whether they are students, businessmen, artists... By reading it, the reader will learn how to think independently and move according to his own path. This book is a collection of thirty meetings Hawa had with the young journalist. Each meeting is described in the fewest words possible. Each chapter of this book contains something that can change the reader's thinking and behavior.