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The White Pearl

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Detective John takes you on a ride into a world of murder and drugs. A gripping tale of how one man combats the dark side of Chicago. Going undercover, John does what needs to be done. He becomes what the city needs, a detective that doesn't stop just because he has stared into the devil's eyes. Instead, John takes out the trash, leaving nothing to chance. “I'm gonna find that wolf. I'm gonna find his den and burn it down. Take the dust and watch 'em crumble.” A compelling novel that grips you from beginning to end.
jjwes Amazon Review

Five stars I really like Tania's Books. February 28, 2016 

Format: Paperback

John is a great detective who cleans up the streets of Chicago. A hero that every city needs.

John comes in quickly and takes care of business. Doing what the other officers won't makes Detective John a rare breed.