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The Witches World in the Ocean
elijah edwin, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The Witches World in the Ocean is an invisible world bigger and hidden beneath the Pacific Ocean. It has not been discovered by man or science because it's in the preternatural realm. It's only known by it's residents and invited humans. When the protagonist of the unearthly story, Matea and her best friend, Jadranka, are invited by their new schoolmate and friend to join the Witches World in the Ocean, they are baffled with the fact that no one actually cajoles them to join but are allowed to join the ethereal world on their own volition. Yet, the rulers of the Witches World in the Ocean are executing a vision of populating their world with human beings who are still alive on earth! Matea fervently loves her boyfriend, Erinka, that she decides to invite him to the unseen world. The Witches World in the Ocean starts after the fall of Lucifer and his followers who joined him in the rebellion against God in heaven. Eleven of Lucifer's generals later rises against Lucifer and creates the Witches World in the Ocean they plan to govern and control. Their mission was to lure humans into their exotic and enchanting world, making such souls invisible and powerful like the spirits. When such people die, their souls belong to the Witches World in the Ocean. Matea later finds out that some people's souls reincarnate while others couldn't; destinies differ. But a written prophesy foretells the nearness of the last days of the Witches World in the Ocean!