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Kim Souza Carson
The Wooded Instrument
n the fantasy-romance novel, The Wooded Instrument, Shyla, is a struggling artist and the wife of an up and coming lawyer, Tony Carino. With their marriage on rocky ground, Tony lands a higher earning job with perks, although it comes with a relocation stipulation to another state and an altogether different way of living for them. He feels the change would do them good. Living isolated and near the woods proves to be an artistic outlet for Shyla, she finds herself exploring the woods for her photography projects, only what she finds is almost unbelievable, Hesiod, who at first was only out to do what comes most natural to his kind, until he meets Shyla and spends time with her, things begin to change. As they explore the woods together and spend more time at the in the deep forest, a bond grows between them that heats up their desire and love. Shyla is pushed toward Hesiod when she finds out of Tony’s secrets. Shyla and Hesiod begin spending time together, hidden in the forest, making them targets of wild animals and Hesiod vulnerable to hunters. As the desire for them to be together strengthens, Shyla makes a mistake that costs Hesiod’s secrecy and the attention of a greedy forest ranger and two of his accomplices, Dale Clark is the mastermind behind trying to capture Hesiod and getting a payout to have him studied. As Shyla tries gallantly to protect the magical love she has found, events take place that put Shyla and Hesiod in danger together. Finally, Tony comes to realization of just how much he loves Shyla and what he’s willing to do for her, but in the process he learns how intense Shyla’s and Hesiod’s love is for each other. Tony plunges himself into this world of disbelief and danger to try and make up for his actions and regain Shylas love, but It would seem the odds are against them all even at the end when Shyla hears of an incident she fears may involve the fate of Hesiod and all she can do is hope and wait.
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☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars.

· 7 days ago  

Great Read !!!!

I read this book which i read a lot and this book was full of mystical characters and beautiful scenery fairies everything you could want in a magical read !!

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