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The Worst Student On Earth!

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Meet Ryan O'Ryan: A space-age Huckleberry Finn from an advanced civilization who winds up stranded on Earth. Taken in by a foster family filled with a rainbow of amazing characters, Ryan takes them all on a multiverse of mind-numbing and heart-racing adventures through time, space - and middle school. As Ryan settles into life on Earth, he repeatedly tries to return to his own home planet. But each attempt backfires in comically unexpected ways. And while dealing with everything from geography to science, immigration, multi-linguistics, climate change, cursive writing and a whole lot more - Ryan even manages to save the world. It's bad enough that his best intentions draw the attention of a bitter, frustrated and calculating science teacher bent on stealing Ryan's technology. But worse yet, even if Ryan can return to his home planet - the question becomes - does he want to?


In Miltenberg's middle-grade SF novel, a student's inability to follow instructions during an intergalactic "Career Day" lands him on Earth.

Over the course of the story, Miltenberg tastefully dips into some serious topics, as well, such as immigration, and includes real life science facts.

Miltenberg's sense of humor makes this book a delightful read.