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Daniel Younger
Author, Service Provider
The Wrath of Con

Brie Cassiday is cursed—and a bungled safecracking job with a race against the clock to pay off her father's debt are only the beginning. Enter confidence man Josh Harlan, whose pranks and overblown ego send Brie’s world spinning. Now, her only option is to join forces, and what unfolds is zany caper of unwittingly mystical proportions.

Set amid the glitzy backdrop of Las Vegas, Brie and a pithy band of thieves embark on an adventure including: ninja courtesans, an unscrupulous casino magnate whose power goes far beyond money (and he's got a lot of that, too); giant birds, strippers, enchantment, crooked cops, drunk magicians, luck goddesses, and a diamond with a dark past at the center of it all. In a battle of not-quite-good versus evil, who will win?

A fast-paced, supernatural-crime-comedy-bonanza... It's The Wrath of Con.

If Terry Pratchett had written a Vegas heist novel, it might have looked something like this impressive comic fantasy, which finds the pathos at the heart of humor. Packed with bizarre moments, deadpan reactions, and hilarious non sequiturs, the novel follows Josh Harlan and the band of thieves and cons he assembles as they attempt to rob the newest casino going up on the Strip. It’s impossible to plan for the interference of the imprisoned goddess who works for their mark, but the team comes together like a dysfunctional family to pull the job off, more or less. Younger (Zen and the Art of Cannibalism) is an experienced comedy writer who understands the art of the heist novel, providing just enough information to keep readers intrigued without giving the game away too early. The characters are entertaining with distinct voices, carrying a plot that, for all its lightheartedness, has a substantial amount of meat on the bone. (BookLife)