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Suzanne Jones
There is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole Through Radical Self-Acceptance
Feel like something in you is broken beyond repair? Explore ways you have the radical power inside to heal yourself. Trying to work through long-term pain with little to no results? Do scars from your past keep you from being your best self? Sick of persistent feelings of unworthiness? Developer of the science-based Trauma Informed Mind Body Program and founder of the global TIMBo Collective, Suzanne Jones has helped thousands of women in their recovery journey. Now she’s here to share how to find the answers you seek that are sitting right within your grasp. There Is Nothing to Fix is a must-have manual that will change your life. Through real-world case studies and personal testimonies from everyday people, you’ll reveal your own individual path to self-compassion, inner strength, and positive relationships. And by reaching an in-depth understanding of how your body reacts to negative influences, you’ll soon be taking control of your responses and enjoying true emotional freedom. There Is Nothing to Fix is the only self-help book you need to help you find deep peace. If you like relatable examples, inspiring teachings, and honest conversation, then you’ll love Suzanne Jones’s compassionate resource.