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They Are Only Men
Senior (Samuel) and his son Beau are sheriffs in a rural New Mexico county out in the middle of the sprawling desert lands. They Are Only Men first follows Senior as he sets out to see if there is anything to a report about a hitchhiker being snatched off into the dark out on the highway by something unseen. Senior's story is of his epic struggle to try to capture, transport, and cage the evil being he discovers out in that desert. A man driven beyond fears and limits by obligation. They Are Only Men then follows Senior's son, Beau, as Beau later finds this caged being in the midst of Beau's life unraveling from the consequences of a terrible decision he has made. Beau's story is of the destruction that comes from him setting this being free in an attempt to avoid his just consequence. A man driven to save his own skin. They Are Only Men is a hell-on-wheels thriller which chases, and then is chased by, this being - all in examination of the truth that people should be most afraid of what lives within themselves.