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Michel Desmarquet
Thiaoouba Prophecy
The book details the author's nine day journey to Thiaoouba with Thao, an extraterrestrial, who also revealed information such as the purposes of the Great Pyramid and how it was built, the real reasons behind many mysterious disappearances such as those in the Bermuda Triangle, ancient civilizations of earth, etc. The central theme of the book is that the principal obligation of human beings on earth is to develop our spirituality, and technology should assist in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to confine and enslave us within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway. Through the author's journey, readers will also learn other interesting topics such as the history of humankind on earth, life on mars, the dangers of nuclear war, the continents of Atlantis and Mu (Lemuria), the statues on Easter Island, telepathy, space travel, clean technology, antigravity, the significance of auras and colors, the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs and noise, the true identity of Jesus Christ, and the true origin and background of Biblical events.
Bernie Siegel, MD

    I can recommend Desmarquet's the Thiaoouba Prophecy because of what he advises us to do and accept. To quote him "Believing is not enough...You need to know" He also shares these words in the preface : "I have written this book as the result of orders received and which I have obeyed. Further, it is an account of events that happened to me personally - this I affirm. "
    I have learned from my personal experience, and experience as a doctor, that when you do not fear sharing your experiences people will share their truths with you. Many patients came to see me because they knew I wasn't a normal doctor and they could talk to me and tell me their story and not be criticized because they did not have a scientific explanation.
    Yes, I was considered controversial but that does not mean what is shared with you in this book and in my work is not the truth.
    So keep an open mind and learn about the true nature of life and existence.

Cyndi Dale

    In our hearts, we know that the meaning of life is to learn and to love. And that we are eternal, and great and small civilizations have existed on this earth and many others. But what if all of that was actually TRUE, and the details were taught to and witnessed by author Michel Desmarquet, who traveled to the planet Thiaoouba in 1987 in the company of a non-earthling?
    First off, I believe that Michel's renderings of his alien experience are actual. I have experienced contact with beings from other places, which were not scary events. In Iceland, a Scholar who taught me much. In Peru, a blue being who provided healing. Michel's renderings, however, capture so much more than any I've experienced.
    We learn of Christ and Lemuria, Atlantis, and our astral bodies. But, most vitally, we are invited to go beyond history and knowledge and embrace The Spirit that unifies us all.
    Will we listen? Will we heed? Will we use technology for spiritual growth and save our planet and ourselves? We have free will. My vote? Let's listen to the wise stories and words in Michel's sharings.

Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

    The author of The Thiaoouba Prophecy claimed that he was abducted by hermaphroditic aliens who telepathically commanded him to write this account. It reads like pure science fiction, but who knows? Truth often is stranger than fiction and much of our true history has been purposively hidden from us. Governments around the world have started to openly admit that we have been visited by mysterious crafts. However, they have been so tight lipped that we are left with more questions than answers. It is only by reading such accounts as this that we are given a chance to entertain the possibilities.
    The aliens tell the author an alternative history of our planet, dropping intriguing clues to the origins and purposes of the pyramids, as well as other-worldly explanations for magical events in the Bible and its ancient giants. They condemn our materialist ways and massively corrupt society, and particularly warn against politicians and religions. They also express grave concern about our destruction of the planet and its myriad lifeforms, and claim to have intervened to prevent us from total destruction. Although some might be offended by their alternative histories and comments about religion, most readers will find this to be fascinating and entertaining read with positive messages meant to spread hope and a gospel of love.

Gian J. Quasar

    The deep desire within mankind to believe in another world just beyond ours is testified to throughout history, first by stories of visits from angels, messengers, or “watchers.” In recent times it is a fundamental component of such stories as the sudden disappearance into thin air of Oliver Lerch. When ships and planes suddenly began to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle and in the Devil’s Sea off China, vast tonnages and hundreds of people were now involved, and theories had to reach to new heights— alien abduction, parallel universes, time and space warps. Rather than speculating on how these other worlds interact, the author of the Thiaoouba Prophecy is the first to give details on what a parallel universe is like from within. The reader can be skeptical of Michel Desmarquet’s interpretation of the messengers of whom he writes about, but at the same time the reader should accept his book’s unique place in the corpus of contactee literature.

Hrvoje Zujić

    I thought deeply when I read the explanation of the purpose of the Giza Pyramids in this book. Among other things, this book describes that The Pyramid of Cheops was used as:
- a ‘captor’ of cosmic rays, forces and energies, as well as terrestrial energies
- rain inducer
- communication device with other planets and other worlds in the universe
    These three theses will surely sound like pure science fiction to many readers without prior knowledge of electromagnetics. I published papers that point to these three theses a long time ago, without even knowing that the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" even existed.
    A team of scientists from the University of Reading, in the UK, initially proposed the idea of zapping clouds with electricity to make rain in 2017. Drones will give clouds an electrical charge in an attempt to create rainfall. The idea is that charging droplets in clouds will make them more likely to fall as rain.
    How old is the idea to induce rain by ionizing the atmosphere?
The famous inventor Nikola Tesla thought about how to cause rainfall by ionizing the atmosphere 130 years before these scientists from the University of Reading.
In his autobiography book "My inventions" Tesla describes, among other things, his original idea and the purpose of constructing the Wardenclyffe tower on Long Island.
    One day, as I was roaming in the mountains, I sought shelter from an approaching storm. The sky became overhung with heavy clouds but somehow the rain was delayed until, all of a sudden, there was a lightning flash and a few moments after a deluge. This observation made me think. It was manifest that the two phenomena were closely related, as cause and effect, and a little reflection led me to the conclusion that the electrical energy involved in the precipitation of the water was inconsiderable, the function of lightning being much like that of a sensitive trigger. Here was a stupendous possibility of achievement. If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed.
    In 2008, I made a world premiere of the idea that The Pyramid of Cheops was built, among other reasons, to ionize the atmosphere and act as a weather modification device. I presented this idea in the paper "Tesla and Pyramids" at The First International Scientific Conference Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, held in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    The great seriousness of such a conference is best illustrated by the fact that the chairman of the scientific committee was Prof. Dr. Oleg Borisovich Khavroshkin, the leading Russian geophysicist from the Moscow's Schmidt Institute for Physics of the Earth and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In this paper, published in the conference proceedings, I described the physical mechanism by which the pyramid naturally captures ions from groundwater, underground tunnels and the atmosphere using pyramid chambers and shafts. Such captured ions inside the pyramid were emitted into the atmosphere using natural seismic waves and the piezoelectric effect. You can see the ion flows around the pyramids at:
    It rains rarely in Egypt today, so many buildings in Cairo have no roof at all. Would it rain even less often without these pyramids? Do these pyramids ionize the air like they used to, shortly after they were built? Has anyone removed from these pyramids the components needed for enhancing air ionization? Did the groundwater under those pyramids dry up and thus reduce the air ionization? There are many more questions than answers, as the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) does not issue permits for underground geophysical surveys and refuses to reveal a large network of underground tunnels.
    The north shaft of the King Chamber inside The Great Pyramid is 21 cm wide and it corresponds with the so-called Hydrogen-Line and radio frequency of 1420 MHz. Around the Hydrogen-Line is a natural cosmic electromagnetic noise at a minimum. It happens to fall in the quietest part of the radio spectrum. Electromagnetic energy in this range can easily pass through the Earth's atmosphere and be observed in the cosmos from the Earth with little interference. The very first SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) studies were conducted near the Hydrogen Line and today it still looks like a logical place to seek deliberate beacons from beyond.
    Is the north shaft a remnant of a communication device with other planets and other worlds in the universe as described in the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"? Maybe some metal components such as the antenna have been removed? If the antenna still remains in its original design, we should register a radio signal around 1420 MHz inside of the north shaft. This simple and non-invasive 5-minute experiment can only be performed with MOA permission. If the 1420 MHz signal is a wave carrier, how was the signal modulated, i.e. the reception and transmission of the message? Sending a message through this wave of carriers (AM/FM wave modulation) would hypothetically be possible if many people sang and formed a choir in the King's Chamber. How to receive messages from the cosmos on this carrier wave? Either there was a device for such a thing or there was an Extrasense, an advanced being with special psychophysical abilities that today's common people do not have.
    The day will come when the MOA will be run by people who will approve many permits for geophysical scans of the Giza Plateau and the interior of the pyramids, and eventually open a large network of underground tunnels to the public. Then mankind will find out the truth about the civilization that built the Egyptian pyramids and some claims from this book could be confirmed.

Jeff Peckman

    The Thiaoouba Prophecy is spellbinding and illuminating. Author Michel Desmarquet vividly describes his intoxicating experiences of Thiaoouba. It’s an exceptionally beautiful planet with extraordinary technology and highly advanced culture. The book compels you to ask, “how much of that could we achieve on Earth?”
    Michel is shown a close-up view of some of Earth’s most advanced civilizations throughout history. He glimpses their glorious rise and apocalyptic fall. Ultimately, the message for us is crystal clear. Earth is magnificent. Humanity’s spiritual evolution is vital. Love, peace, compassion and other noble qualities are revered universally. We can accept guidance from those with higher knowledge and greater experience. However, we need to look inside ourselves for truth and answers.
    The Thiaoouba Prophecy will fuel your efforts to elevate your own life and that of humanity. It is a call to action. Would you like to prevent an irreversible path to planetary destruction? Would you enjoy keeping Earth on a sustainable path for future generations? If so, I fully recommend the Thiaoouba Prophecy as essential reading for you. However, any reason you have to read this outstanding book is good enough.

Jody Long

    Sci-fi travel around the universe meets the books from the Law of One. Such a journey! But could it be true?
    This book has elements we see in the near-death experience that talk about the universal order of things. Of particular relevance is, ‘The real dangers on Earth, in order of ‘importance’ are: first money then politicians; third journalists and drugs and fourth religions. These dangers in no way relate to nuclear arms.' Keeping in mind that the book was completed in 1989 and the postscript was written in 1993, these are prescient words for our time. It is a great read, but it is the postscript that brought it all together for me. He made sense and it was about down-to-earth observations on earth. There wasn't a lot of ego, so I tend towards thinking it could be a true and accurate account of what happened to him. Great job!

Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D.

    Michel Desmarquet has written a fascinating account of his ascent into extraterrestrial heaven via a spaceship that can travel many times the speed of light.
    Remindful of Alice in Wonderland’s trip through the looking glass combined with Bulwer Lytton’s The Coming Race and a touch of Celestine Prophecy, Michel’s encounter with a wise extraterrestrial takes him on a journey that teaches us about the history of the planet, the hypothesis that an earlier nuclear holocaust almost wiped out a previous civilization and that Jesus was in fact implanted into the Virgin Mary by this same advanced breed. There has for many years been a myth that Nikola Tesla also was descended from such an enlightened race. These myths and books such as Thiaoouba Prophecy spark our imagination and give the human species a glimpse not only of our potential, but also the hope for a brighter future.

Michael Tellinger

    Thiaoouba Prophecy is a beautifully written and skillfully crafted piece of literature. An important book for those who seek deeper knowledge of the unknown, the afterlife and the deep mysteries of the true nature of our reality. I trust it will be a great comfort for those who have had personal experiences with the paranormal and beings from other dimensions. A necessary contribution to the body of knowledge that has been withheld from the people of the world.

NEXUS Magazine

 I read this book in the early 1990s, and set it aside pending further investigation. Thirty years later I realised that this book contained even more truth and wisdom than I had first appreciated. Indeed, this book has stood the test of time. It has more meaning and relevance now than ever before.
...We are not alone. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to people with an open mind.

Nicole Gruel, PhD

    Extraordinary experiences happen. This book chronicles, in great detail, one such extraordinary experience that took the author Michel Desmarquet on a spectacular journey, from which he shares numerous insights for those of us on planet earth.
    One of the strongest messages in this book is the importance of spiritual development, and that we already have everything we need to tap into our greatest potential. No place or pathway of worship is needed, only the will and openness to explore what could be. This is a timeless message and essential for a truly happy, meaningful and liberated life.
    This book also brings to light two great challenges of extraordinary experiences. First, that it can be challenging for anyone who hasn’t had a similar experience (like an alien abduction or travel to a place beyond earth) to relate to what is shared by the experiencer. This book will require most readers to stretch mental boundaries, even those who’ve had their own extraordinary experiences. The second challenge is that once having visited an extraordinary place, as Michel did, it can be tough integrating back to an earthly life. Earth can seem like an exceptionally dense and harsh place for those who know a more beautiful reality is possible.
    And yet, that knowing can also become the catalyst for actively co-creating a more beautiful earth. This book is an invitation for us to do just that.

Noah Goldhirsh

    This book shares with us a spiritual knowledge of the universe, and reminds us that the eternal aspiration of our soul is to learn and evolve in the best way possible. "Universal law states that a person's primary obligation, no matter what planet he lives on, is to develop his spirituality."
    The book talks about the use of colors, and although we can not understand all the complexities of the universe, we know that the colors in our world affect us in an amazing way physically and mentally. In my book: "The Power Of Colors", I wrote down how colors can be used for diagnosis, treatment, and healing. We are living in a most significant period on earth, and it is time to acknowledge our spiritual abilities and move forward in all aspects, for our sake and for the sake of the entire universe.

Patricia Doyle

    The truth has never been more important. This is a time when our foundations of truth are being challenged. So many lies have shaken us to the core, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on. Is Thiaoouba Prophecy truth, as it claims? It certainly is controversial, on many levels. It is also a well-written and well-told story. Had me riveted for a few days. I know I don’t have all the answers, so, I like to keep an open mind. But some of the “facts” presented in the book directly contradict hard-earned knowledge I have gained. Zero evidence is presented in the book, yet claims to have the TRUTH and to enhance KNOWING. In my opinion, knowing cannot be enhanced without proof!! I choose to believe in my own personal experience and don’t blindly believe any suggested “facts” that are contrary to my own experience and knowledge, without convincing proof. This book stretched my mind and challenged my beliefs, which is always good. I was provided with an advance review copy for the purpose of providing an honest review.

Rev. Michael J S Carter

    Michel Desmarquet has an important story to tell. The Thiaoouba Prophecy is that story. There are many similarities in his story that are similar to the stories of earlier UFO Experiencers (or Contactees) such as Billy Meir, George Adamaski, Betty Andreason Luca, and others. Like the Old Testament prophets, Moses and Jeremiah, he is the reluctant prophet as initially he is not willing to accept his being chosen for this mission, and he has to be convinced by this extraterrestrial visitors that he is the right one for the job, that job being a messenger to humankind regarding the truth of our celestial ancestry and the history of our religions, and the keys to spiritual growth.
    It’s a fascinating narrative and one that will keep you turning the pages well into the night, and most of all it will get you thinking about where we are as a species and possibly where we are headed if we do not collectively put aside our petty squabbles and come together to face the challenges of living on this beautiful planet at this particular time in human history. This is not a popular message to humanity as no one wants to be told that they need to at least attempt an individual or collective “do-over” in their lifestyle and values. Yet this is precisely what Michel Desmarquet is proposing that we as human beings must undertake in order to survive. Prophets are usually not well received and never have been, but the message is crystal clear—everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.
    This message is not new or sexy. Prophets, saints, and avatars have been preaching this message for millennia, all winding up being voices crying in the proverbial wilderness. Michel is told by one extraterrestrial being in the beginning of the book while being taken aboard a craft that, “technology should assist spiritual development, not confine people within a materialistic world.” Michel is told that our obsession with materialism, and not atomic weapons, is the more serious danger to our planet and our species. In other words, greed (my word) is prioritized over spiritual development. (Chapter 7 p. 75). Isn’t it ironic that the words, In God We Trust is written on our currency?
    Michel is also told that our planet Earth is a “school house” and we are here to learn the life lessons of love and acceptance of each other as we continue on our journey back to the Source of All Being, which is called “The Creation” by his extraterrestrial hosts.
    Chapter 3 tells the story of the first human being on earth and juxtaposes this info with the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. Information and wisdom is given regarding the different races of human beings who first populated the earth from outer space, psychic development among the masses, as well as a wonderful chapter 11 treatise entitled, Who Was Christ? This chapter is very much worth the read, as is the entire book. We also discover that the ministry of Jesus was much more about the reality of reincarnation as opposed to the doctrine of resurrection.
    The book is not for the faint of heart and one must keep both head and heart open and engaged while reading. I recommend this book highly for those who have “an ear to hear.” There is an old Chinese saying (some would call it a curse) which states, “May you live in interesting times.” There is no doubt that this is the case for those of us on the planet at this time. The Thiaoouba Prophecy may hold the key to our not only surviving, but thriving in these times. Purchase the book. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Renewed interest in Thiaoouba Prophecy, a book that details the author's persona

Written in 1989 and published in 1993, the bestselling book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" has been very popular in China and Taiwan in recent years. In June 2022, it received renewed interest, as it was featured on the cover of June/July 2022 issue of Nexus Magazine, a magazine that is known for in-depth articles on health, suppressed news, consciousness, ancient mysteries, future science, unexplained, free energy, etc.. Duncan Roads, the editor, writes:

"Re-reading this book after editing NEXUS Magazine for 30 years made me notice a few details which are more verifiable in light of newer information.

For example, in chapter 9 there is a section where these visitors discuss their active intervention in more recent times. In particular they mention their removal of billions of 'needles' put into orbit around Earth, twice. These needles were removed by the visitors, as they were deemed potentially disastrous for our planet.

Sure enough, a US military experiment named Project West Ford did place some half-a-billion copper dipole antennas into Earth orbit in the early 1960s. Each copper needle was just 1.78cm long and 17.8 micrometers in diameter. Scientists across the globe protested strongly against the experiments at the time.

But probably the part of deepest interest to most people is their claimed involvement in steering certain parts of our history, and in this regard, they pass on some quite specific information concerning the history of the Jews, Jesus being in Japan, as well as other key events mentioned in the Old Testament.

I think it is fair to say that humans are not able to fathom the perspectives and motives of non-human or non-Earth visitors, any more than an ant can understand the comings and goings of humans. That said, there is a lot of fascinating historical, scientific and spiritual information that these non-Earth visitors have conveyed to humankind for consideration."

Contrary to what its popular title indicates, Thiaoouba Prophecy contains no prophecy, but personal encounters of the author, Michel Desmarquet, with extraterrestrials with an advanced civilization, in which the author was informed of the history of earth, ancient civilizations (with ET visits), facts about reincarnation and afterlife, the construction and the purposes of the Great Pyramid, the statues on Easter Island, in addition to specific information concerning the history of the Jews, Jesus being in Japan, as well as other key events mentioned in the Old Testament.

The book also gives strong warnings of people on earth and rather interesting accounts of their interventions of the past.

Extraterrestrials' Strong Warnings

According to the ETs, Universal Law decrees that man’s principal obligation, regardless of which planet he happens to inhabit, is to develop his spirituality. Yet, technological development has "sufficiently advanced to become harmful to the human race on Earth in the very near future," because it is only material knowledge and not spiritual knowledge.

People on Earth are obsessed with material wealth and affluence, and they are "concerned with all that the pursuit of wealth entails; envy, jealousy, hatred of those richer and contempt for those poorer." The real dangers on Earth, in order of ‘importance’ are: first money then politicians; third journalists and drugs and fourth religions.

The friendly ETs then provided some suggestions and solutions to the problems on Earth.

Past Interventions of the ETs

Besides helping the people on other planets, the Thiaoouban ETs also intervened on the activities on Earth. According to Thiaoouba Prophecy, the Thiaooubans caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. “The people of those two towns were presenting a bad example and acting dangerously for the people in contact with them. We tried various means in an endeavour to put them back on the right track, but in vain. We had to be ruthless.”

They also sent Moses and assisted in Exodus, (i.e. parting the Sea of Reeds, dispensing manna as food, communications with Moses on Mount Sinai).

What's more surprising is that the book distinguishes Jesus and Christ as two different beings. Jesus, born of the virgin Mary, came from the embryo implanted by the Thiaooubans. He was highly spiritual but was not able to perform miracles. He traveled to India (hence the story of Jesus being in India), China, and died in Japan. (Yes, you might have wondered how it was possible for Jesus to suddenly acquire the ability to perform miracles when no record was shown that he was able to do so when he was young). Christ, on the other hand, was able to perform miracles because he was one of the people from Thiaoouba. And, the purpose of sending Christ to Earth was to preach "love and spirituality". As stated in the book, "His mission was to impart a message of love and goodness - ‘love one another’ and also to enlighten the people in regard to the reincarnation of astral bodies and immortality." By providing his immortality, He showed that "there was, indeed, life after death, and regenerating hope among the people by persuading them that they did belong to the Creator and that each of us possesses a spark of His divinity"

There have been news reports on the Tomb of Jesus in Shingo Village (formerly Herai Village), Aomori Prefecture, Northern Honshu, Japan. The evidence is found in a 1900 year old document in Japan that Jesus (Joshua is the correct translation of His Hebrew name of Yehoshua or the shortened form, Yeshua) born in Bethlehem to virgin Mary is buried in Shingo Village, Japan.   It is very interesting to note that the former name of Shingo Village is "Herai", very similar to "Hebrai", which means "Hebrew". It is even more interesting that the word "Thiaoouba" (pronounced tYehova) sounds very similar to Jehovah.

People interested might wish to read the book to learn the reasons of their interventions.  However, they also say that we should not rely on their assistance when mistakes are made because they can’t, and they don’t wish to save us from disaster automatically.  If we make a mistake, we pay the penalty, - immediately, in ten years time, or in ten centuries time, but errors must be paid for. Thus, from time to time they are permitted, or even advised, to offer a helping hand but they are formally forbidden to "serve the meal on a plate".

Thiaoouba Prophecy has also been endorsed by bestselling authors such as Bernie Siegel, MD, Jody Long, ESQ, Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, Gian J. Quasar, Rev. Michael JS Carter, Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D, Cyndi Dale, Nicole Gruel, PhD, Michael Tellinger, Noah Goldhirsh, Jeff Peckman, etc. (See )

Thiaoouba Prophecy is a Bestseller in China in February 2022

Thiaoouba Prophecy is a Bestseller in China in February 2022

Source: "China Bestsellers: Film and TV Support Fiction in February" by Porter Anderson. Publishing Perspectives.

Thiaoouba Prophecy is a Bestseller in Taiwan in April and May, 2020

Thiaoouba Prophecy is a Bestseller in Taiwan in April and May, 2020 (Written on May 29, 2020)

Sales Rank: No. 1 or No. 2 in all major bookstore outlets across the board as of April/May, 2020
Published on January 16, 2020
Copies sold: 30,000 copies as of June 1, 2020 (Equivalent to 416,000 copies sold in the first six months in the US proportional to the population)
Population of Taiwan: 23.6 million (2019)

With the publicity initiated by readers on social media such as Facebook and videos voluntarily made by Youtubers, Thiaoouba Prophecy, because of its unique content, is a bestseller in three largest bookstore chains and the main online reading store in Taiwan as of April and May, 2020.

In Taiwan , three of the largest bookstore chains are Eslite, (online), and Kingstone.  The largest online book reading outlet is (similar to Amazon's Kindle Store or Google Play). 

Because of the unique content of Thiaoouba Prophecy, readers have been talking about the book on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and some of the largest bulletin boards in Taiwan.  Youtubers, some with 3 million subscribers (such as Mr. and Mrs. Gao), voluntarily made videos, discussing the topics mentioned in the book.

Normally, a particular book may rank No. 1 or 2 in a specific bookstore outlet.  However, Thiaoouba Prophecy has consistently ranked No. 1 or 2 in all major bookstore outlets across the board.

Here are the sales results of the book Thiaoouba Prophecy in each of the online or physical bookstore outlets.  Please click on the links to see the screen captures.

No. 1 in Eslite's Physical Bookstores in April/May, 2020

No. 2 in Eslite's Online Bookstore in April/May, 2020

No. 1 in the Current Bestselling Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 in the 7 Day Bestselling Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 in the 30 Day Bestselling Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 2 Bestseller on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 of Current Reading Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 of the Most Popular Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 of the Bestselling Books on in April/May, 2020

No. 1 of the Monthly Bestselling Books on (Cite Group) in April/May, 2020

Out of Stock in Most Physical Bookstore Outlets (Because of the sudden popularity)

Out of Stock in Most Physical Bookstore Outlets (Because of the sudden popularity)

Out of Stock in Most Physical Bookstore Outlets (Because of the sudden popularity)