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Things Worth Fearing
Claire Astrom hasn’t left her apartment in months. After a devastating trauma, she’s developed blinding panic attacks, which have cut her off from the outside world. With the help of her closest friend, Steven, she’s been fighting to free herself from her illness, struggling back to health one day at a time. When an old friend invites her to a remote cabin to spend a weekend with her and her new partner, Claire accepts it as a challenge to move forward and throw off the shackles of self-isolation. But in the middle of a vast frozen lake, in the deadly cold of winter, danger begins to unfold with relentless malevolence. In order to survive and protect the ones she loves, Claire finds herself pushed to the very edge, tested physically and mentally, beyond anything she’s ever imagined.
Goodreads Reviews

One of my favorite psychological thrillers ever!!

I couldn’t stop reading this book! Anyone who’s ever been away for a weekend with a mixed group of friends will relate to this story. Claire and her best friend, Stephen, find themselves in a remote cottage in the middle of a beautiful, though massively daunting, frozen lake in northern Canada. Sounds like the makings of Facebookable, Instagrammable memories, right? Wrong! Her friend Kelly’s new boyfriend is charming and hot as hell….but that’s just on the outside!

The suspense in this novel ratchets up relentlessly until I was actually (almost really!) breathless by the end. I read it over three days and it was on my mind all day in between. But it wasn’t just the suspense that makes this a great book. I really cared about the characters. I wish Claire was my friend. I wish Stephen had my back like he has hers. The mark of truly well-written characters? I miss them.

Loved Things Worth Fearing! Highly recommend it!

#1 Hot new release by Canadian author!

Upon its release, Things Worth Fearing jumped to No. 1 in Amazon's Hot New Releases in Canadian Fiction where it stayed for the first full week. It remained in the top ten for almost three weeks across Europe and North America..