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Thirty Days to Thirty
courtey psak, author
What if you were on the cusp of marrying the guy of your dreams and reaching that career goal you set for yourself, only for all of it to be taken away in one fell swoop? What if you then had to start from the very beginning, right down to moving out of the city and back to the suburbs to live with your parents? What if this all happened a month before you turned 30? This is the story of Jill Stevens who after thinking she is on the verge of making partner at her New York City law firm, winds up getting fired only to come home to her boyfriend cheating on her. As she is settling back into her childhood bedroom, she comes across a list she made in high school of thirty things she wanted to accomplish by the time she was thirty. Sadly she realizes that there is barely anything on there that she’s actually accomplished, making her feel even more like a failure. With the help of an old friend and a former high school sweet heart, Jill tries to get her life back on track by trying to accomplish the rest of her list in the next 30 days before her birthday.