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This Darkness Light
You wake up. Alone. Wounded. With no memory of who you are. Soon you are on the run. Because the entire government -- the entire world -- wants you dead. Assassins, police, the military. You hold a plague that may end the world. Or may bring it into its next best life. So you run. Into fear. Into faith. Into This Darkness Light.

Collings, as usual, displays his knack for depicting fast-paced action sequences: there are some truly memorable gun battles and car chase scenes here...THIS DARKNESS LIGHT is an engaging mix of thriller and apocalyptic horror novel...a very quick read and recommended for fans of occult, apocalyptic thrillers.


Horror Drive-in

"[P]ick up any of his novels, but especially his latest, This Darkness Light, you won't be disappointed."

"The razor sharp retorts are some of the stuff Dean Koontz would be proud of. The complexity of each character keeps us engaged until the final end. The days of black and white, good and evil are no longer as clean cut in a setting where the world has gone awry. Often the heroes do dastardly things and the villains can be our best allies. It keeps the reading audience on their psychological toes so to speak and I commend this author for creating a much more realistic back drop in humanary interaction than most other authors dare."

InD'tale Magazine

5 Stars: "... a truly excellent read." - InD'tale Magazine

Media Mikes

"This Darkness Light is [Collings'] latest and honestly greatest work..."


The Horror Fiction Review

"THIS DARKNESS LIGHT is another winner."