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Jean Brown
This Sweet Life: How We Lived After Kirby Died
Jean Brown, author
Kirby Brown was a seeker who lived a life of passion and adventure. When she and two others died in a sweat lodge at a self-help retreat on October 8, 2009, it shattered her family and friends. Kirby’s mother and sister detail how they learned about Kirby’s ugly death, struggled through their grief, and kept moving forward through the trial of the criminally negligent guru in charge, James Arthur Ray–international best-selling motivational speaker who had been featured in “The Secret” and on Oprah. Following the trial, the family founded SEEK Safely Inc., to empower seekers on their self-improvement journeys. Even through their multi-layered grieving process, Ginny and Jean Brown wanted to live as Kirby did—with passion and love. In sharing their story, they offer an invitation into their private hell, an immersion in their grief, and a story of evolution after trauma.