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Mack Tuggle
This Way To Wall St.
Mack Tuggle, author
This Way To Wall St. maps out the financial markets and guides investors through getting started. It covers analysis, psychology, the industry, managing risks, and offers actionable steps for beginners. This Way To Wall St. will help its readers to approach the markets, navigate the atmosphere and examine the relationship between price and value with discernment.
Tuggle walks readers through the complexities of the current stock market, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and investor psychology in this detailed yet uncluttered investment guide. Written for the novice investor, This Way to Wall St. urges readers to take advantage of a “playing field [that] has been leveled,” and to begin the journey to “intelligent investing and disciplined trading.” Using relatable language and simplified definitions, Tuggle illuminates how money is actually made in the stock market, while giving rookie investors practical advice on how to manage risks and put themselves in the best position to generate wealth on Wall Street. “Being an investor is a journey—a journey of self-discovery,” he writes. “You won’t always be correct, but you can always learn.”

The guide begins with a brief overview of the contemporary market, followed by a chapter dedicated to demystifying investment terminology. With inviting clarity and straightforward language, Tuggle then delves into the inner workings of the stock market using Las Vegas-style gambling and Mr. Market, a fictional character from Benjamin Graham’s 1949 classic, The Intelligent Investor, as allegories for the volatility and uncertainty that investors face. The bulk of the guide walks readers through the differences between indices such as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, the creation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, portfolio management, and different methods to analyze stocks. The guide culminates with a list of actionable steps new investors should use to research investment opportunities.

Tuggle’s insight into investor psychology sets this book apart from other investment guides. He states, “Investing psychology is very real. Your attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and thoughts will influence your equity curve.” He goes on to explain how fear of failure, crowd psychology, and emotions can impact investment decisions. Novice investors and readers interested in entering the stock market will appreciate Tuggle’s straightforward coaching and his clear-eyed survey of the many avenues that lead to wealth on Wall Street.

Takeaway: Readers interested in entering the stock market will appreciate this straightforward guide’s inviting clarity.

Great for fans of: Peter Lynch’s Beating the Street, William J. O’Neil’s How to Make Money in Stocks.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: B
Illustrations: B
Editing: B
Marketing copy: A-