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Thomas Sackville and the Shakespearean Glass Slipper

Adult; Lit Crit, Lit Bio, Essay, Film; (Market)

HAS THE REAL SHAKESPEARE BEEN OVERLOOKED FOR FOUR CENTURIES? Records of William Shakespeare’s life are at odds with many authorial traits revealed in the Bard’s works, including the author’s specialized knowledge of the law, aristocratic sports, Italian geography and customs, and untranslated Italian, Greek, and French literary works. Even so, the Stratford actor kept the “Shakespeare” title for a century and a half after the authorship debate began, due to the lack of any more plausible authorship scenario. In 2011, Dr. Sabrina Feldman showed in The Apocryphal William Shakespeare that William Shakespeare is the most likely author of the ‘apocryphal’ Shakespeare plays and ‘bad quartos,’ and that members of the Elizabethan literati revered a major hidden court poet, most likely the statesman Thomas Sackville (1536-1608), who was subject to an aristocratic ‘stigma of print.’ In this sequel, Dr. Feldman introduces the case for Sackville as Shakespeare. Sackville’s youthful poetic works paved the way for the flowering of the late Elizabethan drama, and he later became a hidden poet. Despite being long overlooked as an authorship candidate, he had not only the specialized knowledge, unusual interests, habits of mind, personal traits, stylistic traits, and lifespan to be Shakespeare, but also the very high poetic ability.