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Denise Jaden
Thrilling Thursday
Denise Jaden, author
A seaside town selling the supernatural, a fun-fair ride with a deadly twist, and a realtor-turned-sleuth rediscovering her purpose. Tabby is settling into Crystal Cove, Oregon, and her new home on a magic-infused houseboat when the summer fair comes to town. She and her newly inherited cat, Sherlock, operate the coffee truck while screams of excitement erupt from nearby rides. Soon the fun screams turn to shrieks of horror when a dead body is discovered on one of the rides, and Tabby may be the only one who can help her detective friends figure out how it got there. Apparently, Crystal Cove has no shortage of secrets or murders. Will Tabby’s unique insight and gifting help her see through the town’s shroud of illusions? Order now to find out!