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Through The Eye of an Assassin
Walter Knapp, author
Through the Eye of an Assassin begins when a retired Master Chief Navy SEAL and full blooded Cherokee Indian Rick Davis is recruited into an ultra-secret, well-financed agency auspiciously created to track down and eliminate those who would pose a threat to the security of the United States. Davis’ covert assignment begins in Atlanta where he contacts Karen Mitchell of Unlimited Security Solutions. She is verbally accosted in the office elevator by two men associated with the Russian mob and defends herself admirably. Davis has his suspicions about Karen’s safety confirmed when days later, she is kidnapped. During the investigation, Davis learns of his company’s close relationship with the Russians and becomes suspicious of its real mission. Over the next week, Rick is implicated in the killing of two federal agents and an informant. He and Karen take refuge on the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina because their tribal membership protects them from outsider intervention. Rick designs a trap to catch the real killers.