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Through the Silent Forest
They thought it was only a legend. Now it has arrived to destroy them all. Struggling with her obligations as the new Chief of Terrene, 18-year-old Diana must reconcile her destiny with her heart as she carves out her place in society. But when a bout of strange dreams and occurrences reveals an ancient enemy that everyone believed was only a mere legend, Diana soon finds herself thrown head-first into a quest that will decide the fate of everyone she loves. Falling in with a mysterious guardian and tasked with reaching the distant mountain to save her people, Diana must face off against an evil that will stop at nothing to destroy her. But she soon discovers this will be no easy task. If she wants to succeed, Diana will need to uncover her truth about the world around her and come to terms with creatures beyond her wildest imagination – and all the while, she must navigate the turbulent relationship she has with the guardian sworn to protect her… Can Diana fulfill her destiny and stop the creature that threatens her homeland? Or has she fallen into something way over her head?