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Paperback Book Details
  • 09/2023
  • 9798988458807
  • 116 pages
  • $11.04
Emma Payne
Thursdays with You: A Collection of Sapphic Poetry
Emma Payne, author
Thursdays with You is a collection of poetry that encompasses what it feels like to struggle with sexuality, self-expression, and the acceptance of love. It discusses topics related to loneliness, healing, self-love, personal transformation, and happiness. Written for those struggling to find love outside and within themselves, this captivating collection of poetry was written to help others find comfort in their journey of self-acceptance.
Amy Bryan

big rec

Caitlin Payne

I loved this book from start to finish! It captures all the feelings of being closeted, closeted in love and loving freely. It's a mix of modern poetry and "old school" poetry which I find refreshing. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book!

Janet Kase

Such a talented author. Beautifully written book of poems. Kept my attention! A must read!

Josh Daniel

Great collection from a fantastic debut poet!


I want this kind of love omg this was adorable

Kim Wright

Such a great read! The imagery, the emotions, the craftsmanship is 10000/10. Everyone should read it.


I love it so much!!! as i was reading some of the poems i feel like i really connected to them


cute and sad at the same time


Bought this at my local Pride fest recently, and I love it. It's beautifully written. One of my favorite poems from this book is "Strawberries and Sugar."

Rachel Prewitt

Absolutely gorgeous. I've felt every word on every page. It's evident Emma poured their heart and soul into each poem. There's so much truth, so many words put to feelings I've felt. Sapphic love is love in its purest form. ❤️

Sage Jaggers

I'd rate it 7 stars if I could. The writing style is so pretty, and every poem reminds me of my own experiences. I bought it today and finished it in an hour. I'm probably going to go back through and annotate my favorites. This is honestly one of my new favorite books, and I don't usually enjoy poetry collections. I feel like I should carry this book with me everywhere I go from now on because it's one of those books you want to reread a million times.


I haven’t read the whole thing yet but so far the poetry in this book is absolutely beautiful. I love the book so much and I hope you keep writing poetry for us to read!


My favorite poem is Secure. It’s simplicity is what everyone hopes to achieve with true love. And what makes true love so difficult. This book is a beautiful journey of the ebb and flow of relationships and I think relatable for anyone who has ever fallen in love or hopes to fall in love one day.

Willow the wisp

I love that most of the imagery is pulled form nature 

"Sip with me" is probably my favorite poem here

Paperback Book Details
  • 09/2023
  • 9798988458807
  • 116 pages
  • $11.04