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M.Z. Thwaite
Tidewater Hit
M.Z. Thwaite, author
M. Z. Thwaite’s novel is a story of one determined woman’s refusal to leave well enough alone. In one a heart- stopping moment, while rowing off the coast of Georgia the summer of 1986, Abbey Taylor Bunn discovers a dazed boating hit-and-run victim. In the days following the successful rescue, Abbey becomes acquainted with a new potential real estate client, but the unidentified man she rescued worries a recently awakened side of her, the sleuth. Who is the stranger? Who left him to die and why? Ever curious and afraid of nothing, she digs for clues and is rewarded time and again by discovery after discovery until a grim picture begins to take shape. Only when she confronts the assailant does the final piece fall into place and she realizes how fully her moral duty inserted her into the wounded framework of the lives of others.