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Tigranes is a historical saga told in a series of extraordinary adventures—a novel that finds its roots in the author’s rich family history. Told and retold over generations, these stories follow the lives of ancient kings, warriors, and unlikely heroes. • Engage in the Battle of Issus between Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia. • Learn about the League of Nations, the Russian revolution, and the discovery of oil in Kirkuk and Mosul. • Discover the ancient ruins of Palmyra in the middle of the Syrian Desert, made famous by the attractive and brave Queen Zenobia. • Read a poignant firsthand account of the Armenian genocide from two different sides of the family, both struggling to survive the horrific massacre of their people. • Meet a teenage girl and boy whose heroic actions save their families from the Armenian genocide. • Learn of the courageous villagers of Moussa Ler (aka Moussa Dagh) who are tragically displaced from their beautiful villages and resettled in the arid hills of Ainjar. Tigranes will speak to the soul and refresh the mind. It will inspire young people who are willing to make sacrifices to obtain a higher education, and it will encourage and give hope to all who read it.