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Ronald Mullins
Time for a serial killer; A Lifetime of Murder
The book opens with David Irwin, a once great criminal reporter now working at a low rent paper. Each night he pours over would be clue on the internet, in hopes of them leading him to an undiscovered serial killer he can win his way back on top of the journalistic world. When he is delivered a letter from an unknown writer claiming to be a serial killer. David is invited to meet this self proclaimed serial killer at his home. And if he doesn’t not meet with him the next morning will find his body on the steps of Davids paper. David agree and arrives at what looked like a run down Louisiana planation house. Inside David finds a much different home. A young mixed skin lady opened the door and led Him to the study and let him know up front, how best to treat a lady. David is introduced to Randolph, the would be Killer. During Davids stay at the house, Randolph recounts his lifetime of murder to David each night.