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Bonita Clifton
Time of the Rose
A notorious gunslinger with a vendetta. A brokenhearted woman determined to heal. An extraordinary rose. 1878 and present-day are about to collide… Colton Chase searches for the monster that murdered his parents. It’s been ten years and every day that passes only fuels his grit. When he plucks a single rare rose, a wicked thunderstorm catches him in its wrath, and after the clouds clear, his whole world has changed. Madison Calloway is on a business trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when she quite literally stumbles into the biggest horse she’s ever seen. The rugged old man leading the animal looks like he stepped out of a historical Wild West catalog. Her love of antiques is piqued, and she strikes up a conversation. He tells her he’s from 1878 and she feels bad for him; clearly, he suffers from dementia. But there’s an uneasy undertone—everything from his clothes to his strange turns of phrase back up his story. So when another storm brews and he tells her he’s going back, she follows. The two find themselves in 1878 and the old man is gone. In his place stands a strapping young man, handsome, fascinating…and irresistible.

Loved it!!!  I just happened to stumble across this book and I’m so glad I did. I loved it!! I loved the time travel aspect of the story and I loved how their love unfolded and the story played out. I can’t wait to read the next story in the series!!!

Rendezvous Publication

"A great plot, strongly defined characters, and an element of suspense all add up to a provocative, mesmerizing tale that grabs your attention and won't let go. Great reading!" --RENDEZVOUS