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Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny
VV Sinclair, author
If you could erase EVIL from history by changing ONE THING in the past, would you do it? What if it all went horribly WRONG? Prepare for a collision with destiny! Elizabeth Sapphire, 26th century professional time traveler and temporal scientist, is on the verge of a breathtaking discovery when a rogue temporal wave hits her asteroid, stranding her and her cat in 1909, in Gilded Age New York City, without a time machine! Sapphire has only one sure way to return to the 26th century: find her U-boat, customized for time travel, from whenever in time it is, refuel it and jump away before Anacron time enforcers catch up with her. Sounds like a plan – until Sapphire encounters Primeval, a time cult on a crusade to steal her discovery so they can rewrite history according to their twisted vision. Will Sapphire evade Anacron and the clutches of the enigmatic Primeval before her own distant past and mind-blowing destiny catch up with her? Join Elizabeth Sapphire as she battles to save the nature of time itself. Will she preserve history, or remain timewrecked in the past? Get your copy of Timewrecked today and unravel the mysteries of time in this science fiction time travel adventure.
Abigail L.

Timewrecked is a riveting science fiction adventure that takes readers on a wild ride through time with Elizabeth Sapphire, a 26th-century time traveler stranded in 1909 New York. The plot thickens as she must retrieve her time-traveling U-boat while dodging a sinister time cult and enforcers from her own era. The concept of battling over the fabric of time itself is ingeniously executed, blending historical intrigue with futuristic science. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of suspense and the rich historical backdrop, which made Sapphire's journey not only thrilling but also visually captivating. This book is a great read for anyone who loves time travel tales with a strong, intelligent protagonist and high stakes

Sam Wright, BookInForm

Pacing is brisk, moving readers through a series of close encounters and tight escapes that underscore the perilous nature of time travel. Sinclair raises compelling questions about destiny and consequence, making readers ponder the potential impacts of changing history. Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny is not just a tale of time travel; it's an exploration of the responsibilities that come with temporal power.


Strap in, time travel fans, because Timewrecked is the rollercoaster you didn’t know you needed! 🚀 Elizabeth Sapphire? More like Elizabeth ‘save the day’ Sapphire! Stuck in 1909 with just her wits and a cat (yup, a cat!), she’s racing to fix time itself. From dodging creepy cults to finding her futuristic U-boat in old New York—this book’s got more twists than a pretzel. It's all the fun of a history trip without the boring lectures. If you're into adventures that mess with time and mind-bending plots, you've gotta check this out. It's about time you added some thrill to your reading list! 🕒📚💥