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Tinder #1
G.G. Lucky, author

If spending one hour in a world of hot, swipeable men, suspenseful romance, and tongue-in-cheek goofiness sounds fun, would you consider purchasing "Tinder #1" on Amazon ($.99) and leaving a short review? It may persuade me to write more, even if it requires less time on dating apps! - G.G. Lucky

"Even from behind a desk and under the cold, antiseptic lighting of an executive office, this man with the man bun had an uncommonly beautiful face."

In a world where every hot guy is swipeable, newly divorced Lacey is about to make some exciting and amusing discoveries—not just about the man with the man bun. Part rom-com, part coming-of-age story with some heat, "Tinder #1" is a funny sendup of online dating, told from a woman's perspective. With cadences of Emily in Paris, Legally Blonde, Sex in the City, and 50 Shades of Grey, this short story is meant to be tongue-n-cheek. It's also a parody of a world in which relationships are often virtual, disembodied, and commodified, in the perennial search for love, sex, and connection.

Reader's Favorite

"Tinder #1 is original and amusing...."