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Tinsey Clover and the Tree of Balance
Three weeks after helping end a period of segregation, 12-year-old Tinsey Clover feels great now that her forest is more inclusive of all its different people. But, the happy feeling doesn’t last long when some of the Icelandic villages express their disgust with the new treaty. When someone steals a special stone, and representation of peace, from her family, Tinsey takes it upon herself to get it back. After all, even though she’s only an elf the size of a squirrel, she knows she’s strong. And brave. Using her sharp math skills, and a pinch of unreliable magic, she sets off to save the stone. But, it soon becomes clear that things are way beyond her control. Unhappy forest people become the least of her concerns when strange stuff starts happening in nature. Volcanic eruptions, unseasonable snowfall, and even a sudden virus that quickly spreads to her loved ones. The entire forest feels off balance. But, why? And why does all this chaos seem to be so connected to Tinsey? Along with her brother, Aspen, as well as some new and old friends, Tinsey embarks on a journey to find answers. How can she help bring balance back to her forest? Can someone so small actually make a difference in the world’s balance?