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Zerry Greenwood
To: Current Occupant

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Misrouted, motherless, and melancholy make for Mail-order mayhem. A postal mishap caused twenty-three-year-old Lavina’s unconventional entrance into the lives of Cliff Walters’ family. In 1873, the U.S. Postal Service had not quite worked out mail delivery to the territories and many a letter was misrouted. But as long as this mail-order bride had hopes of her fiancé’s return, she intended to cling to them like a forty-year-old spinster. Cliff Walters was a quiet giant whose entire world revolved around his twin daughters. That was until the saucy southern stranger threw the planets out of alignment. The melancholy he felt for his dead wife had not allowed him to contemplate love for eight years. Now it lived in his shed, answered to the name Lavina Randall, and haunted his dreams. Milly and Tilly Walters, motherless from birth, saw in Lavina a friend, a teacher, a helpmate for their overworked father. And yes, dare they even dream of it? A new Ma. What wouldn’t these two darlings do to ensure their future happiness, and why did Cliff allow himself to become involved in their plot of deception?