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mickey mikkelson
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To Dance With Destiny
W.L. Hawkin, author
Twin wolves howled beneath a turquoise crescent moon, their bushy manes wild and ruffled and knotted by the winds of change. “It’s us. You over my heart, and me beside you. It’s our destiny.” In the captivating sequel of To Kill a King, ancient magic collides with modern trickery, as a gifted magician and Wicca high priest embarks on a thrilling journey, defying the boundaries of time to challenge the very fabric of destiny. This gripping urban fantasy novel follows Estrada who, armed with extraordinary powers, ventures into the past hoping to alter Michael Stryker’s future. A maelstrom of unforeseen events unfolds, weaving an intricate web of chaos that changes the course of history itself. For in the intricate tapestry of time, even the most well-intentioned actions can have devastating consequences. While attempting to prevent the tragic outcome of To Render a Raven, Estrada struggles with the complexities of love, archaeologist Sorcha O’Hallorhan slips into her own time warp with a woman she once adored, and Conall Ceol, an Iron Age Druid bard, walks into the future to challenge Michael Stryker for Estrada’s attention. DESTINY IS A SEDUCTIVE, YET WICKED, DANCER. WOULD YOU CARE TO YOU DANCE? #LGBTQ+ #urbanfantasy #thriller