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To the Survivors

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Unlike many books about rape that include brief excerpts of survivors’ words, To the Survivors delivers uncensored stories from those who have been sexually abused plus the advocate-author voice that weaves their experiences together. The survivors are diverse in age, gender and ethnicity, yet each gives a similarly raw and heartfelt account of his or her victimization and recovery. The authenticity and vulnerability with which survivors speak resonates profoundly. Written for the millions of people affected by sexual trauma, To the Survivors is a compassionate guide through a painful subject with a focus on true justice, hope and forgiveness. It reveals dark truths and hidden injustices to the reader while simultaneously offering inspiring messages. To the Survivors is a timeless resource for a world that struggles with the repercussions of sexual violence.
Rape counselor Uttaro draws upon his years of experience to warn that sexual abuse is far more prevalent than most people suspect, and provides a moving series of survivor stories. Uttaro persuasively argues that each survivor's story is unique—and this militates one-size-fits-all advice. The surprising revelations of the survivors Uttaro interviews corroborate his claim that justice is an individual concept that depends on what redress survivors seek. Uttaro's assurances that survivors are not defined by sexual abuse offer the possibility of a positive resolution. This book is both informative for the general public and supportive for those who have suffered sexual abuse. It is hard to imagine that members of either group will not gain from reading it.
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“To the Survivors weaves together many candid accounts to form a brave and alarming exposé of assault. It is a worthwhile, eye-opening project.”

“The book stands to offer a safe space for those who’ve suffered assault and are exploring next steps.”

Kirkus Reviews

“An engaging examination of a painful subject, with a focus on healing and forgiveness.”

“Compassionate advice…Quite moving.”