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Joshua Savage
Author, Translator, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Tongue Twisting ABCs
Try your best not to get tongue twisted while the animals for each letter of the alphabet come to life. Silly fun for the whole family, no matter what age!
Savage’s quirky alphabet book features a friendly menagerie of active, wide-eyed animals appearing in a spirited art style. Alliterative verses describe silly scenarios and playful interactions between the subjects: “Kaia the kind kitten/ kissed a koala and a kooky kangaroo kissed a kiwi.” Elsewhere, “Mia the messy meerkat/ mistakenly made/ mushroom muffins/ mixed with/ marshmallows.” Varjolie fills each spread with a feeling of improvisational play while giving each of the animals its own kooky personality. Readers may pick up on some new vocabulary words and unfamiliar animals while reading the tongue-twisting lines aloud (“Queenie the querulous quetzal/ quacked quadrillion quotes/ in Quebec”). Unexpected animal pairings (a tarantula, tiger, and turtle share one spread) enliven this offbeat romp. All ages. (BookLife)