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L.C. Blackwell
Too Young To Be This Old
Michigan State grads in the evening of their years are irreverent, unapologetic, and unpolitically correct as they remember, reflect and speak from their hearts on men, kids, sex, politics and more in this no-holds barred, blog-style fictional memoir.

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5 Stars

Too Young To Be This Old

by L.C. Blackwell (Goodreads Author)

A.M. Nestler MSW's review

Sep 27, 2021

Read 2 times. Last read September 27, 2021.

L.C. Blackwell’s beautiful novel Too Young To Be This Old is a treasure for women of all ages to examine their lives and move forward from a place of pure love.
I am passionate about self-help books due to their life-changing nature, but I am even more passionate about novels that take the stance of providing the reader with a journey in its pages. Too Young To Be This Old is nothing like any other novel I have ever read, and by saying that I mean that it is a pure gift. It is at once a blog-style collection and an invitation to readers to re-examine their lives and move forward out of love and without regrets – and especially to remove all worries of the trivial aspects of life. Too Young To Be This Old is a love letter to women, to the lives we lead, to those who have come before us, and to those who will be part of the next generation. It is purely a work of art.
L.C. Blackwell’s writing is empathetic, while also challenging the reader with difficult truths that at once are hard to swallow, but so necessary as part of the reader’s journey. Too Young To Be This Old is a relatively quick read because of its blog-style nature, and it gives the reader the opportunity to read one excerpt at a time. It doesn’t require the reader to read it cover to cover; instead, it grants them the ability to choose for themselves how they experience the book. Each excerpt is written on a different woman on various subjects, and I enjoyed reading stories from so many unique characters. Reading To Young To Be This Old is like sitting down with a group of vulnerable, yet comforting, women who feel as though they are the reader’s old friends. I absorbed every word in this collection, and upon reading it, I feel as though I have grown as a person.
Blackwell’s novel is a treasure for women seeking a book that will make them feel at home, while also challenging them. Due to the various voices presented in the book, Too Young To Be This Old reads like a self-help memoir even though the characters inside are fictional. It is a collection I will be rereading for years to come.
If you are a fan of memoirs and self-help, I highly recommend trying out To Young To Be This Old. Even though it is fictional, each voice is so unique and realistic that you will forget that you are indeed reading a novel. This book is flexible in that you can read each section in and out of order however you wish. There are no rules to how it should be processed, and that is something that is completely up to you. Prepare to be changed.